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How to Use the Spot Statement

2024.02.26 MEXC

The MEXC platform provides the spot statement function to help users review their historical spot transactions and provide data support for future investment decisions. MEXC Futures also has a futures statement function. You can learn more about it here: "How to Use the Futures Statement".

1. What is the Spot Statement?

Spot statements record the transaction details generated by users during the spot trading process on the MEXC platform. In spot statements, you can query and export your personal transaction details in different areas, such as spot trading, deposit/withdraw/send records, asset transfers, events/savings, etc. This can effectively help you check and manage personal assets, making reasonable plans for subsequent investments.

Difference between Spot Statements and Spot Orders: (On the top right corner of the MEXC official website homepage, select [Orders] - [Spot Orders]).

1.1 Distinct Recording Scope

Spot orders mainly record spot trading activities, including open orders, order history, and trade history. On the other hand, spot statements not only include spot trading records but also cover deposit/withdraw/send records, asset transfers, events/savings, small asset MX conversions, and other spot transaction records.

1.2 Distinct Order Status Records

The transaction records in the spot account statement are all completed, while spot orders include ongoing spot order records, namely open orders. In addition, order history in spot orders includes records of canceled orders.

1.3 Distinct Spot Trading Record Scope

Both spot statements and spot orders record the historical transaction records of spot trading. The difference is that spot orders only record the type and quantity of tokens you bought or sold, while spot statements also include the corresponding quantity of the trading pair and trading fees for that trade.

2. Spot Statement Uses

Spot statements record all completed transaction records related to spot transactions. You can quickly find relevant transaction records through spot statements.

2.2 Filtering and Exporting Records Based on Different Criteria

Spot statements provide two-level filtering to help you quickly find the corresponding transaction records.

You can perform various types of transaction filtering through the first level, including Spot Trading, Deposits/Withdrawals/Send, Asset Transfer, Events/Savings, Small Asset MX Conversion, and Other. On the basis of the first level, you can further conduct secondary filtering based on Crypto, Transaction Type, Direction, and Time to precisely locate the transaction records you are looking for.

Spot statements allow you to export the records to your local device to and edit.

3. How To Use Spot Statements

3.1 Website

Open and log in to the official MEXC homepage, select [Wallet] in the upper right corner, and click on [Spot].

Click on the [Spot Statement] on the right side to enter the corresponding page.

On the spot statement page, you can view all your spot-related transaction records.

These records are categorized into types such as [Spot Trading], [Deposits/Withdrawals/Send], [Asset Transfer], [Events/Savings], [Small Asset MX Conversion], and [Other]. You can view relevant transaction records under different categories.

Additionally, you can further refine your search by selecting options such as [Crypto], [Transaction Type], [Direction], and [Time], etc. to find the specific transaction records you're looking for.

We will use [Deposits/Withdrawals/Send] as an example.

The current page displays a summary of all crypto-related operations related to deposits and withdrawals (including deposits, withdrawals, transfer fees) between January 30th and February 15th. It includes all incoming and outgoing transactions.

You can select the time range to view deposits and withdrawals records from the last 30 days. If you want to view such records for a longer period, you can click on the "View Details >" button on the right side to search.

You can also click the [Export] button on the right side. Then, select the options for [Transaction Type], [Crypto], [Direction], and [Time]. Choose whether to encrypt the document, then click [Generate].

Once the record is generated, scroll down on the spot statement export page. Click on [Download] under [Application Record] to save it locally.

3.2 App

Open the MEXC App and tap on the [Wallets] icon at the bottom right. Then, select the [Spot] page and tap on the bill icon at the top right corner. On the spot records page, click on the [Filters] to open the filtering window for spot statements.

Under [Statement Type] you can search for spot statement records based on different types such as [Spot Trading], [Deposits/Withdrawals/Send], [Asset Transfer], [Events/Savings], [Small Asset MX Conversion], and [Other].

You can further refine your search by selecting options like [Crypto], [Transaction Type], [Direction], and [Time] to find the specific transaction records you need.

Unlike on the website, when exporting spot trading transaction records through the app, you'll receive either an email or a text message once the report is generated.

Taking email as an example, on the spot statement page of the MEXC app, click the export button in the upper right corner, then select [Email Me]. Your generated statement will be sent to the email address linked to your account.

Please note that there is a monthly limit on downloading and exporting spot statements. Please refer to the display on the page for the specific limit. Please arrange your exports reasonably according to your specific needs to avoid frequent operations.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading involves risk. This information does not provide advice on investment, taxation, legal, financial, accounting, or any other related services, nor does it constitute advice to purchase, sell, or hold any assets. MEXC Learn provides information for reference purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and exercise caution when investing. The platform is not responsible for users' investment decisions.

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