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MX Zone November Events Report

2023.12.10 MEXC

The sustained rise in Bitcoin prices has driven the recent market surge, igniting enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency market. The MX token also reached $3 in this surge, continuing its climb from last month. Throughout this month, the price of MX token fluctuated between $2.8 and $3.

Holding MX tokens not only grants you the opportunity to capitalize on its price appreciation but also allows you to participate in exclusive monthly events and receive free airdrop rewards. For detailed information about the advantages of holding MX, you can refer to "The Top 3 Benefits for MX Holders."

1. MX Zone November Events Report

In November, MEXC conducted a total of 142 airdrop events, including 7 Launchpad events and 135 Kickstarter events. The airdrop activities distributed rewards worth over 10.54 million US dollars, with an annual yield of up to 68%.

According to statistics gathered by MEXC, among all 136 airdrop rewards, the token PROPS had the highest peak price increase rate, reaching an impressive 1587.93%, making it the token with the highest growth rate this month. The token PMPY followed with a price increase rate of 719.1%, ranking second in terms of growth. In the top 10 tokens ranked by price increase, all tokens had a price increase rate exceeding 100%, with the top six tokens having a growth rate exceeding 300%.

Top 10 High-Quality Tokens of November 2023

Project Name
Airdrop Time
(MX Commitment Time)
Price Increase % (as of 11/30)

2. How to Participate in Token Airdrop Events

Launchpad and Kickstarter are free airdrop events held exclusively for MX holders. If you are a MX holder, you must hold a minimum of 1,000 MX tokens for at least 30 consecutive days to participate in Kickstarter and Launchpad events.

On the MEXC official website, at the top of the homepage, select [Spot] from the navigation bar, and you will find portals to access Launchpad and Kickstarter events.

3. How to Buy MX

If you are not yet an MX holder and wish to participate in Launchpad and Kickstarter events, you need to purchase MX tokens on the MEXC platform and hold them for a specific period. Once you meet the conditions, you can begin participating in these events. For more information about buying MX tokens, you can refer to "Buy MX in One Minute" and follow the steps in the tutorial to purchase.

Holding MX tokens not only allows you to participate in airdrop events for free but also grants access to trading fee discounts. After enabling the MX Deduction feature, when conducting spot trading, MX will be used first for fee payment, with a 20% discount. If your available MX is insufficient to cover the fees, the system automatically switches to the platform's default fee rate. If you hold a spot position of 1,000 MX or more for 15 consecutive days, you can enjoy a 100% discount on spot trading fees.

When you transfer MX to your futures account, you can use MX to pay for your USDT-M futures trading fees using the MX Deduction feature, with a 10% discount. If your MX is depleted, the feature is considered disabled. If you hold a spot position of 1,000 MX or more for 15 consecutive days, you can enjoy a 50% discount on futures trading fees.

The fee discount for holding MX in your spot account cannot be applied simultaneously with the fee discount for using the MX Deduction feature. The fee discount for holding MX in your spot account will take precedence. Hold MX to enjoy the lowest trading fees in the market. Visit the MEXC platform to purchase MX and enjoy numerous benefits and offers!

Disclaimer: This information does not provide advice on investment, taxation, legal, financial, accounting, or any other related services, nor does it constitute advice to purchase, sell, or hold any assets. MEXC Learn provides information for reference purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and exercise caution when investing. The platform is not responsible for users' investment decisions.

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