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MEXC Will Delist NEXAUSDT, TIPUSDT, and XRPUSD Perpetual Futures (February 2)

Dear MEXCers,

MEXC will delist a total of 3 futures trading pairs, including NEXAUSDT, TIPUSDT, and XRPUSD perpetual futures.

The delisting schedule is as follows:

The following 2 USDT-M futures trading pairs will be delisted on February 2, 2024, at 07:00 (UTC): NEXAUSDT and TIPUSDT.

The following Coin-M futures trading pair will be delisted on February 5, 2024, at 07:00 (UTC):XRPUSD.

Please note:

  • MEXC will use the index price at the time of delisting as the settlement price to close all positions for the aforementioned trading pairs.

  • All open orders for the aforementioned trading pairs will be canceled upon delisting.

  • Users are advised to use the search bar to search the aforementioned trading pairs and close any open positions before delisting to minimize risks and prevent unnecessary losses.

  • The aforementioned trading pairs will be delisted from futures demo trading simultaneously (if available). Please adjust your positions promptly and consider trading other pairs.

Thank you for trading with MEXC Futures!

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January 30, 2024