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Refer Friends to Trade with the Lowest Fees

Dear Users,
Refer your friend and earn up to 70% commission on every trade across MEXC Spot and Futures. Invite friends and earn rewards together!
Referral Commission Rate:
For every new user successfully referred to MEXC, the referrer will earn up to 70% commission on fees generated from their Spot and Futures trading. You can now invite users by sharing your referral code, poster, link, or QR code. 
Invitation AFTER 12:00 UTC on August 30, 2022 UTC (Current Rate):
Inviter's daily MX Token holding
Referral Commission Rate(%)
<20,000 MX Token
>20,000 MX Token


Referrers can enjoy 30% Referral Commission generated from their referred friends who signed up after 12:00 August 30, 2022 (UTC). If you hold more than 20,000 MX Tokens, the commission rate is 70%.
Invitation BEFORE 12:00 August 30, 2022 UTC:
Inviter's daily MX Token holdingReferral Commission Rate(%)
<500 MX Token10%
500-5000 MX Token20%
5000-20000 MX Token30%
> 20000 MX Token
For the referred friends who signed up before 12:00 August 30, 2022 (UTC), the Referral Commission depends on the referrer's held position of MX Tokens on the day or its daily average.
The commission tiers are as follows:
-For MX Tokens held < 500, the commission rate is 10%.
-For 500-5,000 MX Tokens held, the commission rate is 20%.
-For MX Tokens held 5,000-20,000, the commission rate is 30%.
-For MX Tokens held > 20,000, the commission rate is 70%.
Note: Users may apply for MEXC Affiliate to earn higher rebate rewards.
To learn more about the MEXC Affiliate Program, click here.
Commission Validity:
For referrers whose friends signed up before April 5, 2021, the referrers' Referral Commission will be valid for 1080 days from April 5, 2021. For referrers whose friends signed up after April 5, 2021, the referrers' Referral Commission will be valid for 1080 days from the registration date.
Rewards Distribution:
Spot commission will be distributed the next day after 0:00 UTC, and Futures commission will be issued the next day after 1:00 UTC. The commission rewards will be issued to your MEXC Spot account, and the commission records will be displayed on the referral event page.
Visit here to see the referral commission records.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. The actual commission earned by the referrer will be remitted in the actual token that the friend used for trading fee settlement. For example, when a friend uses MX Token to offset the trading fee settlement, the actual commission earned by the referrer will be in MX Token.
  2. Transaction fee of activities such as deduction by futures bonus, deposits, withdrawals, leveraged trades and leveraged interests are not valid for the referral program. Any transaction fee of suspicious trades will also be excluded from the referral program.
  3. Once a user becomes a MEXC Affiliate, the referral commission will be distributed through the affiliate portal.
  4. MEXC reserves the right to disqualify users from participating in the referral event and revoke any reward from users who engage in dishonest or abusive activities to earn referral rewards. This includes bidding on any terms in any search engine that mentions, including, but not limited to, your Referral Link, Referral Code, the term “MEXC”, and other terms or phrases related thereto, its related domain (including any of its derivatives or misspelling) or any keywords that contain such terms.
  5. MEXC strictly prohibits any self-referral act that involves multiple accounts owned by a single user. Should the referrer violate any terms and conditions of the referral program, the referrer’s eligibility for the rewards will be revoked, and all referrals or commissions will be ruled as invalid.
  6. MEXC has the sole discretion to determine and decide whether a user is entitled to earn any referral rewards, and reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time.