MX Zone

MX is the only token of the MEXC Exchange platform. The profits of trading and ETF will 100% destroy MX. Currently, MX is used to realized operations such as trading fee deductions, project voting and renewal, new lottery bonuses, MX DeFi mining stakes, etc.

MX information card

MXToken (MX) is a decentralized digital asset developed by the MEXC platform based on Ethereum, and MX is also the proof of the interests of MEXC community. As the only platform in MEXC Exchange ecological system, the MX token plays an important role in connecting communities, teams and partners.

MEXC is committed to enabling MX Token from the value aspect, including fee deduction, SpaceM innovation, M-Day special benefits, and project voting in the Assessment Zone, etc. MEXC also started the "Growth Plan for Everything", by becoming the first cross-chain asset of BSC and HECO, and opening multiple operations such as on-chain lending, mining, and DEX trading, to improve MX token economy and increase MX usage scenarios.

Market value: USDT

MX position snapshot (UTC+8)

MX scene application

Trading fee deduction

New subscription of Launchpad

M-Day event

Referral Reward

Ecological fund

Offline consumption payment

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