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Go and Get your Cryptos

1. Sign up your MEXC account: Enter your MEXC App and tap Sign Up.
2. Purchase cryptos on MEXC: Tap More>Buy Crypto to buy using Credit Cards or other online payments.
3. Select your target crypto trading pair: Tap Trade>Spot, and then choose your favorite trading pair.
4. Place the order: Learn how to place orders, such as limit order, market order and stop-limit order.
5. Complete the order: Tap the Buy button to accomplish your first order on MEXC trading interface.

Tips & Tutorials

All the instructions on how to use MEXC for easy crypto trading

Technical Analysis

Identifying Trading Opportunities with Indicators and K-Line in MEXC Trading Platform

Beginner benefits

Sign up and easily get New User Rewards. There is up to 1,000 USDT Futures Bonus waiting for you.

Crypto Basics

New to crypto? No problem — Start learning these basics and jargon with us

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