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How To Check MEXC Data Rankings

2023.09.16 MEXC

To help platform users check MEXC's current popular trading sections, cryptocurrencies, and related events, MEXC provides various types of data rankings for users' reference and use.

1. How to Check Data Rankings

1.1 App

Open the MEXC app homepage and scroll down to see the [Hot], [Gainers], [New], and [24h Vol] rankings.

1.2 Web Version

Open the official MEXC website homepage and click [Market] on the navigation bar. On the market page, click [Market Data] on the right to enter the rankings page.

2. Types of MEXC Data Rankings

The data rankings available on the website are more comprehensive and extensive than those on app. Let's take the website as an example to explain and showcase the data rankings provided by MEXC.

"Popular Events" are the current events taking place on the MEXC platform, including futures events, M-Day, and Launchpad. Clicking on them will redirect you to the respective event pages.

MEXC introduces various types of events each month to cater to the diverse trading experiences of futures enthusiasts.

For more information about the events related to M-Day and Launchpad, you can read "What is Launchpad?" and "How to Participate in M-Day?" to gain a better understanding.

2.2 Hot Zones

MEXC has organized multiple different popular zones based on current market trends and highlights. Each zone contains current popular trading cryptocurrencies. Clicking the [>] button on the right side of the "Hot Zones" allows you to view other zones.

Select the zone you are interested in, click on the [All] button on the right side of the zone, and you can see all the tokens in the selected section arranged in descending order based on their current returns. For example, if you choose the Arbitrum zone, upon clicking, you can see the ranking of tokens' returns within that section.

2.3 Various Token Indicators Zone

This section is divided into five parts: "Hot", "Top Futures", "Newest", "Top Gainers", and "Top Volume". You can view the respective rankings based on your specific trading needs.

If you want to find out which tokens currently have the highest price gains on the MEXC platform, you can check the "Top Gainers" ranking to see the top 10 tokens with the highest price gains.

2.4 Market Overview and Price-change Distribution

At the top and the bottom of the market data page, there are two different forms of data charts. The Market Overview chart at the top of the page provides a summary of the market's overall ups and downs, which is constantly updated in real time.

The Price-change Distribution chart compiles market statistics for USDT trading pairs on MEXC's spot market. As shown in the chart below, out of the 1,793 USDT trading pairs in the spot market, 90 have experienced no price change, 923 have seen price increases, and 780 have witnessed price decreases. Most of the tokens with price increases are concentrated in the 0-3% range, and the same is true for tokens with price decreases.

Using the data rankings can help you understand the current trading activity of various crypto on the MEXC platform, the overall long-short ratio of tokens, and user trading preferences. With this data, you can choose to trade tokens that are popular in the market and have good liquidity.

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