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How To Log Into Your MEXC Account on Multiple Devices

2023.09.2 MEXC

To protect your personal assets, you should not only minimize your wallet's exposure, you should also manage your accounts and logins. You may be logged into your MEXC account on multiple devices, some of which you might not own on the off chance that you borrowed or used someone else's device to log into your account.

To protect your MEXC account and asset security, MEXC has introduced the multi-device login management feature.

1. How To Manage Your Logins

1.1 Website

Log in to the official MEXC website and click on the user icon on the top right corner. Then, select [Security].

Scroll down to the bottom to manage the devices that are allowed to log in to your account under "Devices and Activities".

Click on the [View] button beside "Account Activities" to view the information regarding your personal account, such as which devices and IP addresses have been used to log in within the last 30 days.

If you find devices and addresses that do not belong to you, you should be cautious about the security of your account.

Navigate back to the previous page, click on [Manage] beside "Device Management". Here, you can [Remove] those devices that have logged into your personal account but do not belong to you.

If you have recently changed your phone, we also recommend removing the old phone that you no longer use to prevent any potential leakage of your personal account.

1.2 App

On the app homepage, tap on the user icon in the top left corner and select [Security]. Then, click on [Device Management].

On the "Device Management" page, you can choose to [Remove] those devices that have logged into your personal account but do not belong to you.

2. Regarding Account Login Restrictions

In addition to providing users with the feature to manage logins for personal accounts on multiple devices, MEXC has also implemented corresponding security mechanisms to further protect users' personal account security.

Your account session will remain active for 24 hours on the website. After this time period, you will need to log in again to access your personal account information. This is to prevent situations where you may have logged into your account on a non-personal or shared computer and forgot to log out, reducing the risk of account exposure.

On the mobile app, at any given time, your personal account can only be logged into one mobile device. If another mobile device logs into your account, your current session will be displaced.

3. What To Do in Case of an Account Breach

If your account has been compromised, we recommend that you go to the [Security] page and change the linked email and mobile number, as well as update your login password. Google Authenticator can also be removed and re-linked.

You can also choose to freeze your account and contact MEXC customer service for assistance.

Safeguarding the security of your personal account protects your assets. MEXC implements various security measures to ensure account safety. It is crucial for you to actively safeguard your account during daily use. To effectively protect your assets, avoid sharing your password or lending your account to others.

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