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WMT Quick Project Information

World Mobile Token is the token powering the World Mobile Network. World Mobile is developing a global hybrid telecoms network using a shared economy model built on blockchain. The use of blockchain in this model enables the removal of intermediaries and a layer of cost. It also enables the rapid expansion of the network thanks to the transparency provided by smart contracts, which allow the participants to have a provable and guaranteed rewards system. World Mobile is providing a solution to the global problem that nearly half of the world is still not connected, as highlighted by the United Nations. This solution aims to address the affordability issue, as well as the more efficient use of network resources, to enable connectivity to be provided in a more distributed and decentralised manner. The World Mobile Chain is built on Cardano as a native asset and operates as a layer 1.5 network with node operators that provide decentralised telecommunications services including Communications as a Service, Content as a Service, etc.
You can find more information about WMT history, system features and how to use it in MEXC Blog.

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English name of the tokenWMT
Withdrawal StatusAvailable
Chinese name of the tokenWMT
Deposit StatusAvailable
Issue Time--
Trading statusTradable
Issue Price--
Max Supply2,000,000,000