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Pivn Quick Project Information

PIVN stands for Private Identification Virtual Number, which is a secure shopping and delivery number created by encrypting a user’s name, phone number, and address. PIVN token is used within the ecosystem of the project, including home number security services. It is used as a fee for using the home number service, as well as for Web 3.0 and DID-related services, platforms, and ecosystem rewards and usage. Home numbers and personal information are stored on the IPFS blockchain distributed server using hash values to prevent hacking, and an NFT is issued for each home number. The home number smart contract platform is a blockchain e-commerce platform that combines home number patented technology with smart contracts, a core feature of the blockchain. When delivery completion information collected by the home number system acting as an Oracle (external trusted party) is sent to the smart contract system, the encrypted cryptocurrency that the buyer deposited into the decentralized system‘s smart contract is automatically paid to the seller. When storing smart contracts on the decentralized system, personal information of the seller and buyer is processed safely using the secure home number. By utilizing a decentralized smart contract system that combines escrow and home numbers, transactions can be conducted safely and at a low cost worldwide without intermediaries. The PIVN project holds 23 patents in countries such as Korea, the United States, Japan, China, Russia, and Indonesia.
You can find more information about Pivn history, system features and how to use it in MEXC Blog.

PIVN Token on MEXC

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English name of the tokenPIVN
Withdrawal StatusAvailable
Chinese name of the tokenPIVN
Deposit StatusAvailable
Issue Time--
Trading statusTradable
Issue Price--
Max Supply100,000,000,000