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July MEXC Creator Alliance KOL Event Announcement

2023.08.9 MEXC

Dear MEXCer,

Thank you to everyone who actively participated in the July MEXC Creator Alliance KOL event. We were thrilled to receive approximately 400 diverse and enriching articles, which demonstrated your enthusiasm and affection for MEXC.

We invited reviewers proficient in various languages to thoroughly assess each article. Following several days of evaluation, we identified several common issues in numerous articles:

1.The articles have a high degree of overlap with content from other authors, with a similarity level exceeding 85%.It cannot be ruled out that some creators employed AI technology or copied content from others for their submissions.

2.The description of the Launchpad and Kickstarter events in the article is inaccurate. Launchpad and Kickstarter are not meant for early project fundraising. These two events are exclusive to MX token holders, where users with holdings equal to or greater than 1,000 MX can participate in Kickstarter events after holding the MX for 15 days to receive free airdrop from projects. If they hold the MX for 30 days, they can participate in Launchpad events and receive free airdrops from projects. During the events, the MX owned by participants will not be frozen or locked, and the events do not involve fundraising for any project.

3.The MEXC brand color has transitioned from Forest Green to Ocean Blue, and the brand should be referred to as "MEXC."

After carefully screening and evaluating the submitted articles, we have arrived at an official decision: these specific articles do not meet the criteria for rewards under the review process of this event. MEXC extends its sincere appreciation to all creators for their dedication to content creation. Within the next 7 business days, we will credit your MEXC account with a futures bonus of 20 USDT according to the UID provided. Please note that we will not be sending separate emails to users who did not qualify for rewards, while users who qualify for rewards will receive an official notification email within 3 days. Once again, we express our gratitude for everyone's active participation and interest in MEXC. We look forward to your participation in our future events.

If you have any other questions you can send an email to mexcinfluencer@mexc.com.
August 9, 2023

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