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Triple Exponential Smoothed Average (TRIX)

2022.10.29 MEXC


Triple Exponential Smoothed Average (TRIX) is also a momentum indicator, which is commonly used to analyze long-term trend by technical traders. The indicator is smoothed triple times to show the changes in moving average; in this way, the unnecessary information will be filtered out to make a more accurate trading decision for long-term profits. TRIX consists of two lines: one is TRIX and the other is MATRIX. The later indicator stands for Moving Average TRIX.

How to use TRIX in MEXC trading platform?

As we talked before, TRIX is a combination of two lines: TRIX and MATRIX. Like other indicators, EMA and EMV, the cross of two curves is the entry point for traders opening financial position. When we click TRIX button in “Sub Index”, we will find out two lines in the chart under the main trading platform chart. Unlike EMV, we do not need to realize the data on the righthand vertical axile. Each cross of these two lines is important for us to analyze.

Entry Point

  1. Bullish Trend

When TRIX moves upwards and cross MATRIX, this is a bullish trend signal. After the cross, if these two curves move into the direction, this would strengthen the bullish indication. Plus, the greater the data of TRIX is, the greater the speed of moving upward is.

  1. Bearish Trend

When TRIX comes across MATRIX downward, it is a bearish sign. Also, if these two curves still decrease, this would be high possible the start of bearish trend for a long-time future. Meanwhile, the less the data of TRIX is, the greater the speed of moving downward is.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

  1. TRIX, like EMA and MA, can reveal a long-term trend, even though it is a momentum indicator.
  2. TRIX value can give two instructions of trends.
  3. TRIX have inefficiency in consolidation and short-term trends.

Beginner Benefits

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