[31th Season Super X-Game] Experience futures trading with adjustable leverage, 150,000 USDT weekly bonus pool to be won, up to 30,000 USDT to be won per user
Experience futures trading with 21-200x adjustable leverage now! Over 2000 users will be rewarded weekly, up to 30,000 USDT bonus per user to be won per user!
Event period: 8:00, February 3,2023- 8:00, February 10,2023(UTC)
Event Ends in
First-time Experience Reward
Users who trade futures for the first time with ≥ 21x leverage and accumulate trading volume ≥ 5,000 USDT will receive a 5 USDT bonus. Unlimited redemptions!
21-200x Leveraged Trading Volume Reward
Users who trade with 21-200x leverage and accumulate trading volume ≥ 10,000 USDT will receive rewards as below:
*Trading volume = open trade + close trade (all futures trading pairs inclusive).
Terms and conditions:

1. The rewards from this event cannot be claimed in conjunction with rewards from other events involving futures trading with adjustable leverage. Users are only allowed to win the highest amount of bonus across the events once based on their criteria fulfillment.
2. All futures trading volume (open trade + close trade) will be counted, all futures trading pairs inclusive.Only futures trades with handling fee >0 are counted
3. All rewards from this event will be issued within 3 working days of event conclusion.
4. MEXC reserves the right to disqualify participants engaged in dishonest or abusive activities during the event, including but not limited to bulk account registrations for additional bonuses and any other activities associated with illegal, fraudulent or harmful purposes.
5. MEXC reserves the right to make modifications and changes to the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, including but not limited to cancellation, extension, termination or suspension of this event, the terms and criteria for eligibility, the selection and number of awardees, and the timing of any action. All participants shall be bound by these revised terms.
6. In case of inconsistency between the translation of the terms and conditions of this event and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
7. MEXC reserves the right of final interpretation for the event information hereinabove. Should there be any questions, kindly contact our customer service for assistance.