The Potatoz Initial NFT Index Sale (INIS) Subscription Event!
Invite & trade to share 10,000,000 $Potatoz INIS Subscription Limit and 6 Potatoz NFTs
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Participation rule:
Click the Register for Event button to participate in this event.

2022/8/17 10:00-2022/8/23 10:00 (UTC)
INIS event project introduction 【Click for project details
Project token Information
Trading pairs:$Potatoz/USD
Total supply of tokens:20,000,000
Token unit price:0.002431 USD
(Every 1 million Potatoz index tokens can exchange one Potatoz NFT)
Total value of Potatoz NFT index assets:22.56 ETH (46888 USDT)

INIS subscription
INIS total supply:10,000,000(50% of the total token supply)
INIS total subscription value:12155 USD
INIS subscription unit price:0.0011505 USD
Prize pool for new users【3,000,000 $Potatoz INIS subscription limit and 2 Potatoz NFTs
During the event, the first 300 valid users who have newly registered MEXC accounts can get 10,000 $Potatoz tokens INIS subscription limit by completing any currency spot transaction. If spot transaction volume≥100USDT, the respective user can participate in the ranking. Limited seats only. When there are more than 300 valid registered users, we will randomly reward 2 users with 1 Potatoz NFTs each.

* (Valid users: a single deposit of >50 USD and a spot transaction of >100 USD, any currency pair applies. )

Prize pool for invitations【6,000,000 $Potatoz INIS Subscription Limit and 4 Potatoz NFTs
If you invite friends to register MEXC accounts (*1), they will be considered as valid users after completing the registration and trading (*2). By inviting a certain number of active users, you can win up to 1,050,000 $Potatoz subscription limit. At the same time, when there are more than 400 invited valid users, we will randomly reward 4 users with 1 Potatoz NFTs each.

(* 1) To share this event, you can easily share and invite friends by clicking the "Share" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
(* 2) Complete registration and deposit during the event, and reach spot trading volume≥100USDT

Important remarks
1. Event 1 is only for users who have just newly registered MEXC accounts during the event period
2. Eligible trading volume is calculated as the sum of spot trading volume during the event
3. Rewards will be issued to your account within 10 working days after the event ends
4. You are not allowed to attend other ongoing events if you are in this particular event. If you choose to participate at the same time, your reward will be determined by the management before distribution.
5. In order to ensure the fairness of the event, MEXC strictly prohibits any cheating actions such as manipulating the rankings maliciously and batch registration using bot accounts. If the user has any illegal act that affects the normal operation of the activity, MEXC platform will immediately disqualify the user’s winning qualification, and in serious cases, the user’s account will be froze.
6. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to MEXC. If you have any questions, please contact MEXC customer service for inquiries.