Futures Bonus

1. Reward Event Terms & Conditions:

  • a. The bonus can only be used for futures trading. While profits resulting from the trades using the bonus can be withdrawn, the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.
  • b. The bonus can be used as margin for trading, and can also be used for deduction of trading fees or funding fees, as well as to offset trading losses.
  • c. Any asset transfers out of the futures account before the bonus is used up will result in the forfeiture of the bonus.
  • d. Your bonus is valid for 15 days. Any unused bonus will be automatically revoked 15 days after issuance. Please be aware of the potential liquidation risk resulting from this.
  • e. When new users deposit funds via on-chain deposits or by transferring their fiat deposits to the futures account, if the amount of a single transfer is greater than the requirement for the First Transfer task and there is no withdrawal or transfer from the futures account during the bonus claiming period, new users will receive bonuses according to different task levels.
  • (Note: Before clicking to claim the First Transfer bonus, your futures account balance must meet the amount requirement of the First Transfer task. Otherwise, the claim may fail and the bonus will not be reissued. The reward for the First Transfer task can only be claimed once per UID.)
  • f. New users who completed KYC can enter the event page to receive the bonus if the trading volume of their first trade meets the requirements of the First Trade task. The bonus can only be claimed once upon completing the task and is non-reclaimable.
  • g. The bonus for completing the referral task will be issued the day after the task is completed. In case you do not receive it on the next day, kindly contact our Customer Service to claim it.
  • h. Each user can only claim the bonus once for a feature experience task, e.g. First TP/SL Experience task.
  • i. Calculation rule for trading volume tasks: Only trades with trading fees > 0 will be counted.
  • j. Any attempts to claim any event rewards without meeting the stated requirements will be considered fraudulent. Accounts that are suspected of fraud will be investigated. Upon confirmation of fraud, the account in question will be suspended and all bonuses will be revoked.
  • k. Due to the large number of participants, you need to wait up to 30 minutes after completing the task before you can receive the rewards. If the concerned task is still under review after 30 minutes, it might take 1-3 days to complete the review (the review time will not affect the claiming of the First Transfer doubled reward). Thank you for your understanding and support. We will continue to optimize and improve user experience.
  • l. MEXC reserves the right to final interpretation of the event information herein. MEXC shall reserve the right to adjust tasks and rewards according to the market conditions at any time.
  • For event rules and details, please refer to the latest announcement: https://www.mexc.com/en-US/support/articles/4404973379482

2. Verifying Your Reward Balance

  • a. Check remaining bonus balance: For website users, log in and click on [Wallets] - [Overview] - [Futures Account] to check your remaining bonus. For app users, log in and click [Wallets] - [Futures] - [USDT] to check your remaining bonus.
  • b. Check bonus history: For website users, log in and check your bonus history under [Futures] - [USDT-M] - [Capital Flow] and select [Bonus] as the Type. For app users, log in and check it under [Futures] - [Futures History] - [Capital Flow] and change [All Types] to [Bonus]. A positive number represents the amount of bonus received and a negative number represents the amount of bonus consumed.