Buy TON (TONCOIN) with samsungpay

Buying TON with samsungpay on MEXC is a secure and convenient way to enter the world of cryptocurrency. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of purchasing TON using your samsungpay account.

Update: 26/12/2023 18:09:12

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service developed by Samsung Electronics. It allows users to make payments using compatible Samsung devices, such as smartphones and smartwatches, by simply tapping their device on a payment terminal. Samsung Pay supports both Near Field Communication (NFC) and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technologies, making it compatible with a wide range of payment terminals. This convenient and secure payment solution eliminates the need to carry physical credit or debit cards, as users can store their card information securely on their Samsung device. With Samsung Pay, users can make payments at millions of locations worldwide, making it a popular choice for those seeking a seamless and hassle-free payment experience.

Samsung Pay's Views Towards Crypto

Samsung Pay has been closely monitoring the rise of cryptocurrencies and the growing interest in digital assets. While Samsung Pay does not directly support cryptocurrency transactions, the company recognizes the potential of blockchain technology and its impact on the future of finance. Samsung has shown its commitment to the crypto space by integrating blockchain features into some of its devices, such as the Galaxy S10. This integration allows users to securely store and manage their cryptocurrency holdings through a dedicated wallet app. By embracing blockchain technology, Samsung Pay aims to provide its users with enhanced security and convenience when it comes to managing their digital assets. While Samsung Pay's focus remains on traditional payment solutions, its positive stance towards crypto demonstrates its willingness to adapt to the evolving financial landscape.

Steps to Buy TON with samsungpay

Create a MEXC account and complete the required identity verification procedures (KYC)
Get access to top-notch crypto trading and Earn services.
Select the purchase method which supports samsungpay
MEXC offers various options for each payment methods.
Go through the purchase process
Select your preferred currency and purchase amount.
Complete the trade and receive crypto
Your purchase order will be processed, and the crypto you bought will be credited to your MEXC account once the payment is confirmed.

Available Purchase Methods for samsungpay

  • Buy TON with samsungpay via MEXC Credit Card Purchase

    You can conveniently purchase TON using your preferred samsungpay through MEXC's Credit Card Purchase option.

  • Buy TON with samsungpay via Third Party Payment

    You have the option to buy TON using your chosen samsungpay through a Third Party Payment service on MEXC.

Why buy TON with samsungpay through MEXC?

  • Convenience

    Instant deposits from samsungpay via Bank Transfer, Debit Card or Credit Card.

  • Endless Benefits

    Buy, sell, and trade 1,000+ cryptocurrencies at low fees via spot and futures trading.

  • Trusted Exchange

    Chosen by 10+ million users globally for top-notch security technology.

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