Professional technical services that provide you with customized solutions

MEXC Broker Project

MEXC has an industry-leading and high-ratio profit-sharing system. It can help brokers to improve their business and provide one-stop technical services and customized solutions by making use of the liquidity and market depth.

Our Products

API Brokers

User signs up on MEXC
User applies for API Key on MEXC and provides it to the broker
Brokers place orders through Broker ID +User API Key
  • Support user-configured tradable crypto pairs
  • Support API Key renewal to avoid repeated linking

Independent Brokers

Brokers attract new users with their own brands and independent account systems
Brokers create independent sub-accounts for users to trade under the MEXC master accounts
  • Support sub-account deposits and withdrawals
  • Support sub-account transfers

Our Clients

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Our Advantages

  • High Commission Rebates

    Industry-leading profit sharing system that offers rebate rates starting from 50%

  • Customized Solutions

    Whether it is a trading strategy platform that places orders on behalf of customers, or a trading platform with its own brand, we can provide you with customized solutions and exclusive technical services

  • Rich API functions

    Diversified API functions that stand out from other platforms, which can tailor a variety of technical supports to your individual needs