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How to Use Demo Trading on MEXC Futures

2023.07.26 MEXC

1. What is Demo Trading?

As the name suggests, demo trading is designed to simulate the overall market of futures trading. Demo trading provides valuable learning opportunities for traders by simulating real transactions. It is a means to enhance traders' trading abilities and performance.

All demo trading transactions on the simulation platform are for experiential purposes only, and you will not gain actual profits or losses.

2. How to Use Demo Trading

2.1 Web:

On the MEXC official website, click on the top navigation bar where it says [Futures], then choose [Demo Trading] from the options inside. This will take you to the futures simulation platform.

In the bottom right corner of the Demo Trading page, you can select different tokens and click on [Receive Demo Coins] to start your trading journey.

If you wish to exit demo trading, you can go to the top navigation bar on the simulated trading page and click on [Live Trading] to return to the real market.

2.2 App:

Open the MEXC mobile app and select [Futures] at the bottom to access the trading interface for the real market. Then, choose the [...] option in the top right corner, where you can find the option to enter to the [Demo Trading] platform.

If you wish to exit demo trading, tap the [X] in the top right corner of the simulated trading page, and choose [Exit] to go back to the real market.

Demo trading is used to help new users understand and familiarize themselves with futures trading and leverage utilization. Before engaging in actual live trading, the simulation platform can assist you in better grasping trading skills.

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