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MEXC Affiliate Portal Usage Guide

In order to develop the crypto community and look for affiliates who share the same values and mission as MEXC, we have launched the MEXC Affiliate Program ( Apply Now).
After becoming a MEXC Affiliate, you will be able to create your customised referral link to invite friends and earn commissions on trading fees. This usage guide will show you how to navigate the MEXC Affiliate Portal.
First, please visit the MEXC affiliate website via and log in to the affiliate portal page;

Dashboard Overview:

1. Banner Section
We provide a list of recent events for our affiliates and platform users that you can participate in or share with your community.


2. Referral Link Creation Area
To promote our platform and earn commissions, you can use either your default referral link or referral code. Furthermore, by using the "Share Poster" feature, you can download a poster that includes your referral code and a QR code for easy sharing.

With the option of creating a custom promotion link, you can tailor your referral code to generate an exclusive URL for your campaign. For example, you could create a campaign named "Telegram" and personalize your link accordingly.
The exclusive link can be copied and shared with your users from "View All", and you will be able to track the number of registrations as well as the performance of this active link.
  • Your custom referral code must be reset if it has already been used.
  • You can view your generated exclusive links through "View All", or delete your exclusive links (if the link has already been registered by a user, it cannot be deleted).

3. Promotion Link Shortener.
By utilizing this feature, you can shorten any promotional links and generate a shortened URL that includes your unique referral code.

As an example, suppose you want to promote the futures bonus event to your community users. You can paste the event link into the "URL" input field, set the title as "Peter Bonus," and set the URL short link code as "peterbonus." After completing these settings, you can copy your shortened link from the "View All" section.
If a potential new customer clicks on the shortened link you created and proceeds to register a MEXC account, your unique invite code will automatically appear on the registration page.

4. Withdraw the rebates from the affiliate account.

The commission can be withdrawn to the main site spot account, which is linked to your affiliate account.
Note: Spot and Futures commissions will be distributed around 2:00 (UTC) the day after trading.


Additionally, you can also view the record of your commission transfer from the affiliate portal to the spot account through the [Wallet-History-Affiliate Asset Transfer Details] on the main site.

5. Your Rebate Rate.
You can find your referral and sub-affiliate commission rebate ratios here.


6. Your Rebate Level
You can check the number of valid first-time traders and your MX holdings for the current cycle here. Each month is divided into two cycles: from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the 30th/31st. If you meet the upgrade requirements within the current cycle, your commission level will automatically upgrade to level 2 on the first day of the next cycle at 4:10 (UTC). If the requirements are not met, the commission ratio will be adjusted to 50%. The upgrade requirements are as follows:
Method 1 = 5 valid first-time traders and 2,000 MX holdings at the end of the current cycle
Method 2 = 20,000 MX holdings at the end of the current cycle
Note: You only need to meet one of the above methods to upgrade to level 2. The number of valid first-time traders will be updated daily at 4:10 (UTC).
Standard for valid first-time traders: Users who make their first trade during the current cycle and generate a transaction fee of at least 5 USDT.
Note: You can click on your MX positions to view the MX asset snapshot on the last day of the current cycle.(MX asset snapshot is only updated on the last day of the current cycle.)

7. Track the trend.
In this area, you can select a specific time period to see a summary of the users you invited during that time period, as well as the accumulated commissions generated.
You can update the referral numbers data by clicking on the refresh button, while the other three data will be updated daily.
On the right side of the data section, you can find yesterday's data changes, which are useful for tracking daily changes.
Additionally, you can select a specific date and export the relevant data through the export function.
Meanwhile, the trend of daily data is also available below this section.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact your dedicated account manager or customer service via the contact information located at the bottom of the menu bar.


My Performance:

8. Campaign:
By accessing the Campaign section, you can view the data for sign-ups, deposits, trading volume, and commission generated by each of your invitation links.


9. Referral
You can view your referrals' deposit amount, withdrawal amount, commission, transaction volume, and current assets during the selected time period.
Furthermore, you can add and delete tags for each referral, with a maximum of ten tags per referral.
The tag function allows you to organize your referrals efficiently. You can search for specific referrals by using their account uid, invite code, or tag.

10. Sub-affiliate
In this section, you can review the number of users that were invited by your sub-affiliates and the number of deposits they have made. You can also view the specific time when they became a sub-affiliate and the amount of deposit and commission they have generated during the selected time period.

Commission(Spot and Futures):

You can view the commission and transaction volume generated by the referral, sub-affiliate and their users in the selected time period.
Additionally, you can track the total transaction amount and total commission amount (equivalent to USDT) within the same timeframe.
It's important to note that the trading fees will not be included in the rebate if your referrals, sub-affiliates, or their referrals use the futures bonus to offset the trading fee. To monitor how much futures bonus a user has used, you can refer to the "Your commission" section.
The commission will be distributed the next day after the transaction is made. If the status is displayed as "pending", the commission has not been distributed, kindly refer to the actual commission distributed.If the status is "release", the commission has already been distributed.
Note: Spot and Futures commissions will be distributed around 2:00 (UTC) the day after trading.

Futures Data:

You can view the current positions,open orders and order history generated by referrals, sub-affiliate and their referrals within the selected time period.
Note: Futures data will be updated every 10 minutes. If the data has not been updated, you can try refreshing the webpage after 10 minutes to see the latest information.



Using the leaderboard, you can see the ranking of commissions earned this cycle and in the previous cycle, as well as the total commission earned, which is updated every day at 4:00 (UTC). In addition, the top right corner of the leaderboard displays your current ranking and commission amount for the current cycle.



MEXC provides a variety of resources to help you better understand our products and services. In addition, we offer promotional materials such as posters and logos that can be used to promote our platform.



Check out the latest news from MEXC or join our official affiliate telegram channel.
If you have any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to contact your dedicated account manager or customer service to let us know.
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