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MEXC Affiliate Program

Dear users:

In order to develop the crypto community and look for affiliates who share the same values and mission with MEXC, we have launched the MEXC Affiliate Program (Apply Now). In this program, you can create a unique and exclusive referral link that can be shared with anyone who is interested in crypto trading. By clicking the referral link and completing the registration, they can become your referral. You can get commissions from the trades completed by the invitees. (MEXC Spot and Futures)


1. Benefits

  • Super High Rebate - Enjoy up to 70% referral rebate on commissions and sub-affiliate rebate;
  • High Bonus - Eligible MEXC Affiliates will receive airdrop bonus incentives monthly;
  • Nomination Rights - Opportunity to recommend investment projects or listing projects to MEXC;
  • Exclusive Activities - Enjoy exclusive trading events for affiliates.;
  • VIP Service - 24/7, one-to-one service from professional customer managers;
  • Permanent Rebate - Enjoy a permanent rebate period.

2. Responsibilities

  • Support and promote various MEXC activities at least twice a month;
  • Help MEXC gain traffic and guide new users to register and trade on MEXC;
  • Actively promote the MEXC brand, maintain the MEXC brand image, and help users solve general inquiries.

3. Who can join the MEXC Affiliate Program

  • YouTube video bloggers, cryptocurrency community leaders, KOLs, industry influencers, media authors, and other content creators who are willing to promote MEXC (Require a minimum following of 500 people)Crypto-related market websites, encryption tool websites, industry media websites, and other crypto-related websites;
  • Promotional agency or organization, etc.

4. Rebate Rules

Affiliate Rebate (Processed Daily)

Affiliate LevelRebate RatioRequirement


Sub-affiliates Rebate Ratio(%)


Method1: 5 valid first-time traders within the assessment period + 2,000 MX holding

Method2: 20,000 MX holding


Each month is divided into two cycles: from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the 30th/31st. If you meet the upgrade requirements within the current cycle, your commission level will automatically upgrade to level 2 on the first day of the next cycle at 4:10 (UTC). If the requirements are not met, the commission ratio will be adjusted to 50%. The upgrade requirements are as follows:

Method 1 = 5 valid first-time traders and 2,000 MX holdings at the end of the current cycle

Method 2 = 20,000 MX holdings at the end of the current cycle


Standard for valid first-time traders: Users who make their first trade during the current cycle and generate a transaction fee of at least 5 USDT.


Note: You only need to meet one of the above methods to upgrade to level 2.


Sub-affiliate Rebate

Affiliates can invite new affiliates and get an extra 10% commission from their sub-affiliates referral


5. How to join the MEXC Affiliate Program

Step 1: Become a MEXC Affiliate

Go to the MEXC affiliate website (, apply for the MEXC affiliate program (you need to have a MEXC account and UID first), our team will review and get in touch with you within three days. You can also get in touch with the official account manager directly through the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Step 2: Promote your exclusive link

You can create and manage your exclusive invitation link on the MEXC affiliate page. You can also configure personalized promotion links to suit different channels.

Step 3: Earn rebates easily

As long as a user registers a MEXC account through your promotion link, you can get up to 70% commission rebate after the user completes a transaction. At the same time, if you recommend your friends to become an affiliate, you can get another additional 10% sub-affiliate rebate;

If you still have further inquiries: Click here to view the usage guide


6. Terms of Service

  • The Spot and Futures rebate for the previous date will be issued at 02:00 (UTC) daily.
  • There is no limit to the number of people an affiliate can invite.
  • Illegal operations that hijack official traffic or cause users to be at risk of phishing will result in loss of affiliate privilege. (Including but not limited to redirecting the content that is highly similar to MEXC’s official social media accounts, website, or placing the ads that are relevant to MEXC through search engines, etc.)
  • MEXC reserves the right to adjust, change or cancel the affiliate rebate rules without prior notice.

7. Existing MEXC Affiliates

Existing MEXC Affiliates can successfully activate your affiliate accounts at the affiliate website ( through [Log in] -> [Forget Password] -> [Verify your MEXC account Email & Reset password]. For more details, please refer to the usage guide.

In addition, existing MEXC Affiliates can also contact your dedicated account manager or directly get in touch with the official account manager at the affiliate website under the "Contact Us" tab to inquire more about the new affiliate portal and the MEXC Affiliate Program.


Affiliate Program FAQ:

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Enjoy trading on MEXC!

The MEXC team

21 January 2022