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MEXC Affiliate Program Application Guide

Dear users,

In order to develop the crypto community and look for affiliates who share the same values and mission with MEXC, we have launched the MEXC Affiliate Program (Apply Now). In this program, you can create a unique and exclusive referral link that can be shared with anyone who is interested in crypto trading. By clicking the referral link and completing the registration, they can become your referral. You can get commissions from the trades completed by the invitees. (MEXC Spot and Futures)


Benefits of MEXC Affiliate

  • Super High Rebate - Enjoy up to 70% referral rebate on commissions and sub-affiliate rebate;
  • High Bonus - Eligible MEXC Affiliates will receive airdrop bonus incentives monthly;
  • Nomination Rights - Opportunity to recommend investment projects or listing projects to MEXC;
  • Exclusive Activities - Enjoy exclusive trading events for affiliates.;
  • VIP Service - 24/7, one-to-one service from professional customer managers;
  • Permanent Rebate - Enjoy a permanent rebate period.

How to join the MEXC affiliate program?

At present, interested YouTube video bloggers, cryptocurrency community leaders, KOLs, industry influencers, media authors and other content creators can fill in the form on MEXC’s affiliate program website to apply. The specific process is as follows:

Step 1: Visit, click "Apply" in the upper right corner to enter the affiliate application page;

Step 2: Fill in the forms;

1. Fill in your name, affiliate account email address (can be different from your MEXC account), affiliate account password (can be different from your MEXC account), country of your location

3. Email Verification, please submit the email verification code to finish your application.
Step 3: After you sign up successfully, the MEXC team will conduct a qualification review within one day.

*To learn more about the MEXC Affiliate Backend Usage Guide, click here.

Additional Information

Existing MEXC affiliates can contact your dedicated account manager, or get in touch with the online customer service directly through the “Account Manager” at the bottom of the menu bar of the affiliate site. Meanwhile, you can visit the following link to learn more about the affiliate portal and the details of the MEXC affiliate program:
Affiliate Program FAQ:
Apply to be an affiliate now:

Find us on:

Enjoy trading on MEXC!

The MEXC team