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MEXC Announces Strategic Investment in TON (The Open Network)

2023.09.22 MEXC

MEXC Ventures,a subsidiary of the global cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest fees, MEXC, announced the formal signing of a strategic investment agreement with TON (The Open Network). TON is a blockchain ecosystem integrated with Telegram aiming to enable billions of users to experience digital ownership.

TON, short for The Open Network, made its official debut in 2021. It acts as a bridge, connecting nearly 800 million Telegram users to the world of cryptocurrencies. The team is dedicated to transforming TON into a low-barrier usage scenario and a massive traffic entry point, enabling more users to acquire their cryptocurrency assets swiftly and conveniently.

On September 13, 2023, during the Token 2049 conference in Singapore, the TON Foundation publicly unveiled its strategic integration with Telegram, extending its services to a user base of nearly 800 million users. The recent surge in popularity of TG bots has drawn more attention to the TON network and its ecosystem services. These developments are expected to attract a growing number of users, further propelling the expansion of the TON network.

The native cryptocurrency of the TON network, Toncoin, is used to pay for executing smart contracts, utilizing decentralized applications (dApps), and participating in governance. Additionally, the team allocates a portion of Toncoin to the TON Foundation to encourage and support the development of the ecosystem. To date, the TON ecosystem boasts a multitude of applications, spanning wallets, DeFi protocols, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), games, NFTs, cross-chain bridges, and social, giving it a relatively well-established foundational infrastructure.

MEXC Ventures has a longstanding commitment to driving the development of the cryptocurrency industry. This strategic partnership with the TON Foundation aims to establish a convenient gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies, foster the growth of the TON network ecosystem, and provide MEXC users with a more secure, convenient, and enriching crypto experience.

Beyond this initial investment, MEXC Ventures and TON Foundation have plans to foster even closer cooperation in the future to explore the development of the blockchain ecosystem and deepen their collaboration in terms of product offerings and market strategies. MEXC had already taken steps in this direction by listing TON and supporting the trading of its native token on its platform back in May 2022. This collaboration between MEXC and TON is poised to lead the blockchain industry into a new era, creating more opportunities for users, developers, and investors alike, and driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

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MEXC Ventures is a comprehensive fund under MEXC Group, committed to empowering innovations of the cryptocurrency field, via strategic investment, M&A, FOF, and project incubation. Mexc Ventures upholds the concept of "discovering opportunities and growing together" by fully sharing fund resources and providing solid support for projects. The team is distributed across various regions worldwide, managing assets exceeding 100 million USD and possessing over 300 investment portfolio projects.

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