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How To Perform Identity Verification

2023.09.21 MEXC

1. What is Identity Verification?

Identity verification refers to the process of confirming a user's identity through various means. The purpose of identity verification is to ensure that the user claiming a particular identity is indeed who he or she claims to be.

The most common method of identity verification on exchanges is KYC (Know Your Customer), which typically requires verifying the user's personal valid identity information such as name, ID card, driver's license, passport, and other relevant details.

The requirements for the identity verification process stem from the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), which requires financial institutions to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing, and other criminal activities.

2. Why is Identity Verification Important

For deposit and withdrawal transactions, identity verification can effectively ensure the security of these transactions. Identity verification can determine whether users are engaged in legitimate trading activities, thereby reducing the risk of fraudulent activities and potential financial crimes.

Different levels of identity verification can help institutions allocate resources more effectively and minimize potential threats.

Cryptocurrency exchanges ensure user trading security and compliance based on identity verification information. Without identity verification, criminal users may exploit this loophole to evade legal sanctions, and the exchange would also bear responsibility.

3. How To Perform Identity Verification

There are two types of identity verification on MEXC: Primary KYC and Advanced KYC.

Primary KYC involves basic personal information verification. This includes your nationality, name, identification document and number, date of birth, and a photo of your identification document, among other basic details.

Primary KYC typically takes around 24 hours, and after the verification is successful, your withdrawal limit will be increased. The 24-hour withdrawal limit can be increased to 80 BTC.

Advanced KYC, contingent upon primary KYC verification, involves adding facial recognition authentication. The review time for advanced KYC is approximately 48 hours. After completion, your 24-hour withdrawal limit will be increased to 200 BTC.

If you want to learn more about the detailed identity verification steps, you can read the article "How to Complete KYC", which provides a comprehensive guide on the KYC process both on the web and in the app.

4. Institutional Verification

MEXC supports institutional verification, allowing for the opening of institutional accounts. On the identification page, click on the upper right corner [Switch to institutional verification] to initiate the institutional verification process.

Institutional verification is divided into five processes: Document Preparation, Data Filling, Member Information, Upload Files, and Review.

Before beginning the verification process, you need to prepare a series of documents, including the board resolution document, memorandum and articles of association, company registration certificate, a copy of shareholder register, and a copy of the directors register.

Once you have all the required documents ready, click on [Verify Now] and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the institutional verification process. It is not recommended to start the verification process if you have not prepared all the necessary materials to avoid encountering issues and exiting during the verification process, and having to repeatedly fill out the information.

If you would like to learn more about institutional verificiation, you can read the Beginner's Guide article titled "How to Perform Institutional Verification". The content provides a detailed introduction to institutional verification, and we hope it's helpful to you.

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