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Using [MEXC Verify] to Prevent Common Scams


Cryptocurrency is flourishing all around the world, capturing the imagination of innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Unfortunately, it has also caught the attention of scammers, and various methods of cryptocurrency fraud have emerged in rapid succession. Scammers have been known to impersonate crypto platforms to request money transfers or entice users to join official-seeming groups. Impersonating industry professionals, scammers invite people to join groups or trade crypto, demanding money under the pretext of "clearing user accounts and converting them overseas."

This article will list several common scam methods. Please read carefully and remain vigilant to protect the safety of your assets.

Common Scams

1. Phishing

In common phishing attacks in the crypto industry, scammers impersonate platform staff, create phishing websites and publish false information. They use methods such as SMS, email, Telegram chat, etc. to falsely claim that there is an " account upgrade", " migration", " refund", " triggered risk control", " funds at risk", etc., and induce users to click on phishing website links or scan QR codes. Once scammers have access to the user's account, password, SMS, email or Google verification information, they move quickly and steal the user's assets. Please note that the official website of MEXC is Do not be fooled by phishing websites.

Scammers might also try to spread false information about crypto wallets under the guise of official sources. Importing private keys, authorizing wallets, or enabling transfers on fake websites or with fake software exposes users to the risk of getting their private keys and assets stolen. Scammers might even impersonate official staff and directly demand users to provide seed phrases or private keys under false pretenses such as " project airdrops," " security risks," " password leaks," " submitting feedback," etc. Once users submit their seed phrases, the assets in their wallets will be stolen quickly.

2. Brand Impersonation

Some scammers may impersonate the MEXC brand and commit fraud in the name of "project investment" or "upcoming listing."

Please confirm with MEXC for any asset transactions related to project investment to avoid getting scammed. All project partnership information of MEXC is subject to the official disclosure on the MEXC website. For the latest genuine information, refer to the announcements on the official website:

3. Pretend Assistance

Under the guise of "assistance," scammers may guide users to add them as friends, and eventually request transfers under the guise of "guru-led trading," etc., in order to commit fraud.

4. Account Impersonation

Scammers may add your social accounts on Telegram, WeChat, etc., and ask for your email, send links or QR codes. They might also induce you to fill in your account information, log in to your user accounts or bank accounts, etc., in order to steal your assets.

5. Customer Service Impersonation

Impersonated Customer Service may contact you to carry out remote sharing to provide you with "account operation guidance." In addition, they may ask for your SMS verification code, Google verification code, or authorization for remote login under the guise of verifying your identity, in order to steal your account information. They may also provide you with false information to lead you to phishing sites or malwares.

6. Fake Telegram Groups

Impersonated MEXC official accounts may create Telegram groups under the pretext of "airdrop," "project listing," "exchange," "staking," "smart contract," etc., and claim to be "MEXC official" Telegram groups.

7. Fake Software

Any software downloaded from phishing websites is fake. Please go to the official website and select your desired platform to download.

8. Impersonation of Official Platform Personnel and Judicial Authorities

Recently, scammers have been contacting users in the name of platform personnel or judicial authorities, claiming that users' accounts are associated with money laundering risks, and requesting users to cooperate with security investigations, account risk eliminations, or account freezes. By taking advantage of users' sense of insecurity, scammers deceive them into disclosing their account information or guide them to complete withdrawals or transfers.

Please be aware of the abovementioned types of scams and remain vigilant. For information regarding project listings, please refer to official announcements. To verify the authenticity of websites, Customer Service, and emails, kindly visit the MEXC Verify page: If you have any other questions, you can consult Customer Service via the official website ( In case of emergencies such as stolen accounts or assets that users are unable to resolve on their own, please contact Customer Service via the official website ( or email for assistance.

How To Protect Yourself From Scams

1. Do not click on unfamiliar links, log in to unsecured websites, or scan unknown QR codes to prevent account theft, password leaks, and unnecessary losses.

2. Know how to verify and protect account security information, such as not using the same login name and password for different websites, and not storing private keys, key phrases, and other information locally.

3. Please refer to the official website for MEXC related activities and announcements. Do not search for website URLs through Google or other search engines. We recommend users manually enter the website URL to log in. The MEXC official website is:

4. The MEXC platform has an anti-phishing code function. You can set the anti-phishing code in "Personal Center-Security Center-Anti-phishing code". After setting the anti-phishing code, the emails sent by MEXC will contain the anti-phishing code you set. If the email does not contain an anti-phishing code, please be cautious.

5. Identify phishing websites. The official website of MEXC is Please carefully identify it.

6. If you encounter social media accounts such as email, phone, website, Twitter, or Telegram claiming to be "official personnel," you can go through the following process for [MEXC Verify]:

On the MEXC App

Step 1: From the MEXC homepage, select [More].

Step 2: Under [Support], select [MEXC Verify].

Step 3: Enter the full name of the channel you want to verify in the search bar under [MEXC Verify].

If the address you entered is an official source, the following pop-up window will appear:

If the address you entered is a scam, the following pop-up window will appear:

On the MEXC Website

Step 1: Select [MEXC Verify] From the bottom-right corner of the MEXC homepage.

Step 2: Enter the full name of the channel you want to verify in the search bar under [MEXC Verify].

If the address you entered is an official source, the following pop-up window will appear:

If the address you entered is a scam, the following pop-up window will appear:

7. Please download or use the MEXC App application through official channels, and pay attention to your wallet security: do not disclose security information to anyone, and do not download or use wallet applications from unknown sources provided by third parties. In addition, be careful of counterfeit encrypted wallets. Only use official and mainstream encrypted wallet products, maintain healthy security habits when using encrypted wallets, and be vigilant of any unfamiliar private messages offering token airdrops or NFTs.

Closing Remarks

Please note that any information regarding communities and how users can join them are subject to the official announcement on the MEXC website ( Meanwhile, MEXC has never established any investment community that provides " guru-led trading" or " crypto investment guidance." Anyone who contacts users under the name of MEXC or MEXC crypto investment should be regarded as scammers. In addition, MEXC is committed to protecting user privacy and will not disclose any user information to third parties in any form, nor will it request account passwords, SMS/Google verification codes from users in any form.

Please stay vigilant against false advertising and identify fraudulent sales carefully. Also, refer to the announcements on the official website for information related to MEXC events and communities to avoid unnecessary losses.

The MEXC team
12 July 2023