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[Initial Listing]MEXC Kickstarter - Vote to Win Free 5,797,733,654 Pepe The Frog (PEPEBNB) Airdrops!

Dear MEXCers,

MEXC is thrilled to launch another session of Kickstarter, a listing campaign initiated by the project team on MEXC before launch where users can stake tokens and vote to support their favorite project. This event is designed to identify high-quality projects and at the same time, bring airdrop benefits to MEXC users.

Presenting the project for this session of Kickstarter,  Pepe The Frog (PEPEBNB).

About Pepe The Frog (PEPEBNB)

PepeBNB is a community-driven project built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project aims to build and support the meme community, with a particular focus on the beloved Pepe the Frog character. PepeBNB seeks to create a vibrant ecosystem of users who share a common interest in Pepe, and who are excited about the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Total Supply: 420,000,000,000 PEPEBNB

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How to join Kickstarter:

Users can stake MX tokens to participate in voting and stand a chance to win free project airdrops. The maximum amount of MX you can commit depends on the MX balance in your Spot Wallet at the snapshot time (MEXC will take a random snapshot of users’ MX PEPEBNBings during the snapshot period).

Details are as follows: 

1. Registration Eligibility: Hold at least 1,000 MX or more for 15 consecutive days before 2023-05-06 16:00 (UTC)

2. Deposit: Opened

3. Voting Period: 2023-05-07 08:00 to 2023-05-08 07:50 (UTC)

4. Trading: 2023-05-09 13:00 (UTC)

5. Withdrawal: 2023-05-10 13:00 (UTC)

6. Voting Link:

7. Airdrop Details: 

  • Reward Pool:  5,797,733,654 PEPEBNB

  • Price: 0 USDT (Reference Price: $0.000008624)

8. Voting Token: MX

9. Requirements: 1,000 ≤ MX ≤ 500,000

10. You can commit based on your maximum committable quantity. Successful commitments will only be used for reward calculation and your MX will not be frozen.

11. Rewards: The airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally within an hour accPEPEBNBing to users’ total votes once the event concludes. 

12.  You can also participate in other ongoing Kickstarter and Launchpad events after you successfully participated in this event.

13. The reward allocation will be distributed in proportion based on your effective committed MX amount as shown by the table below:

Committed Quantity

Commitment Coefficient

1,000 ≤ X < 3,000


3,000 ≤ X < 5,000


5,000 ≤ X < 10,000


10,000 ≤ X < 20,000


20,000 ≤ X < 50,000


50,000 ≤ X < 100,000


100,000 ≤ X < 500,000


Effective committed MX amount of current user = committed MX amount * Commitment Coefficient

User's rewards = committed MX amount of the current user / committed MX amount of all users * total prize pool

For example, User A participated in Kickstarter Campaign & committed 6000 MX, thus the reward calculation would be:

User A's rewards = (6000 MX*1.1) / 100,000,000 * 5,797,733,654 PEPEBNB

The more MX you PEPEBNB, the more airdrop rewards you get!

For more details, please visit the Kickstarter page


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Market-making & project party account is not eligible to participate in the campaign.

  2. Staked tokens will be refunded once the event concludes. No fees will be required for participation in the Kickstarter event. 

  3. Users participating in this event must complete the required KYC verification before the end of the event to be deemed eligible for the rewards.

  4. MEXC has the final interpretation right of this event. 

Risk Disclosure

Start-up blockchain projects may face significant risks in operation, underlying technology, and legal and regulatory environments. Investing in such projects requires rich technical and financial knowledge to understand the inherent risks associated with blockchain start-ups. Before making any investment decisions, we recommend that you conduct thorough due diligence, evaluation, or seek advice from professional consultants.

The prices of digital assets related to blockchain projects exhibit high volatility and may fluctuate due to various factors. Investing in such projects may result in significant or total investment losses. Additionally, due to underlying technology of blockchain projects or cyber attacks, you may be unable to withdraw digital assets related to blockchain projects partially or completely. 

When deciding whether to invest in this project, please carefully assess the risks and make a decision based on your risk tolerance. MEXC does not guarantee or compensate for any investment losses incurred by you.


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Enjoy trading on MEXC.

The MEXC Team

7 May 2023