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MEXC Will List RDNT USDT-M Perpetual Futures And Launch Trading Event With 20,000 USDT Bonus Pool

Dear MEXCers,

MEXC Futures will be launching RDNTUSDT perpetual futures trading pair at 06:30, March 30, 2023 (UTC).

RDNTUSDT will support 1-20x adjustable leverage in both cross and isolated margin modes. It will be made available on the MEXC App and website.


To celebrate this listing, we will be launching an event with a series of activities, where users who trade the RDNTUSDT perpetual futures trading pair can stand a chance to share the 20,000 USDT futures bonus pool!
Event Period: 06:30, March 30, 2023 - 06:30, April 04, 2023 (UTC)
How to Participate: Users who trade the aforementioned futures trading pair during the event period will be automatically considered as event participants. No registration is required.


Activity 1: New Futures User Reward, Share 5,000 USDT Futures Bonus

During the event period, first-time futures traders who trade RDNTUSDT and accumulate a corresponding trading volume of no less than 10,000 USDT will each receive a 10 USDT bonus. Limited to the first 500 eligible users only.

Click to trade: RDNTUSDT Perpetual Futures>>


On top of that, new users may also participate in New Futures User Event to earn extra bonuses.

Claim 1,000 USDT bonus:


Activity 2: RDNTUSDT Futures Trading Ranking Competition, Share 12,000 USDT Futures Bonus

During the event period, users who ranked Top 500 in terms of total RDNTUSDT trading volume, and whose total RDNTUSDT trading volume is no less than 50,000 USDT, will share the 12,000 USDT futures bonus pool:

Rank Reward (Futures Bonus) Minimum Trading Volume
1st 2,000 USDT ≥ 9,000,000 USDT
2nd 1,400 USDT ≥ 8,000,000 USDT
3rd 1,200 USDT ≥ 5,000,000 USDT
4th 1,000 USDT ≥ 4,500,000 USDT
5th 800 USDT ≥ 3,500,000 USDT
6th 600 USDT ≥ 2,500,000 USDT
7th 400 USDT ≥ 1,500,000 USDT
8th 300 USDT ≥ 1,200,000 USDT
9th 200 USDT ≥ 800,000 USDT
10th 100 USDT ≥ 450,000 USDT
11-500th Traders will share the remaining bonus pool based on proportion of trading volume. Bonus is capped at 100 USDT per user. ≥ 50,000 USDT

Click to trade: RDNTUSDT Perpetual Futures>>


Activity 3: Spot User Exclusive Lucky Reward, Share 3,000 USDT Futures Bonus

Users who have traded RDNT spot but not futures before the listing of RDNTUSDT perpetual –that is 06:30, March 30, 2023 (UTC)-are eligible for this activity. Among the aforementioned users, 300 who traded RDNTUSDT perpetual futures and accumulated a corresponding trading volume of no less than 30,000 USDT will be randomly selected to each receive a 10 USDT futures bonus reward.

Click to trade: RDNTUSDT Perpetual Futures>>


Recent Events: 

1. 1,000 USDT New Futures User Giveaway, Claim Now >>

2. Experience Futures Trading with Adjustable Leverage, Share 150,000 USDT Bonus Pool Weekly & Win up to 30,000 USDT Per User >>

3. Weekly Futures Event, Share 20,000 USDT Bonus Pool Weekly >>


Event Terms & Conditions

  1. The rewards for Activity 1 are only redeemable for new futures users or existing users who have not engaged in any trading activity or fund transfer under their activated futures account.
  2. Trades in both long and short positions are valid and will be counted towards the trading volume for this event. Trading volume = open position amount + closed position amount. Only volume of futures trades with trading fee > 0 are counted.
  3. The rewards will be distributed within 3 working days following the end of the event. Check your account for receipt.
  4. To ensure the fairness of the event, MEXC reserves the right to withdraw the eligibility of any participants involved in wash trading or any suspicious activity that may be condemned as an act of cheating. MEXC reserves the right to forfeit the prize or freeze the account of said users.
  5. MEXC reserves the right of final interpretation for the event information herein.

For instructions on using futures bonus, please refer to: 


MEXC Futures not only supports top market cap coins, but also DeFi projects and PolkaProjects, such as UNI, SUSHI, DOT, YFI, YFII, HNT, FLM, etc. Moving forward, more futures will be launched, please stay tuned. 


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March 30, 2023