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What are Gann Squares?

2023.11.3 MEXC

William Gann was one of the greatest financial traders of the 20th century and one of the pioneers of technical analysis. He created Gann Theory, which, along with Charles Dow's Dow Theory and Ralph Elliott's Elliott Wave Theory, is known as one of the "Three Great Traditional Theories" of technical analysis.

Gann Theory includes Gann Square, Gann Angles, Gann Wheel, and Gann Box, among others. The Gann Square is based on the Gann Wheel, which serves as the foundation for its price and time patterns. (Note: the Gann Wheel is used to predict market support and resistance levels, as well as reversal times for trends.) Generally, Gann Square is plotted by using historical low points or high points as starting points and calculating forward to predict key support and resistance levels. Additionally, you can combine it with Elliott Wave Theory, using the end of a five-wave pattern as a starting point for plotting. When using Gann Square, it is crucial to use appropriate proportions, so that one unit of price corresponds to one unit of time.

On the MEXC website, you can use a Gann Square through the following steps:
① Go to the spot trading page and select the TradingView version of the K-line chart. (Note: This also works for the futures trading page.)

② On the toolbar on the left, click the [Fibonacci Retracement] button, and then select [Gann Square].

③ From the lowest point of MX price in September, drag forward to start drawing.

④ Click on the Gann Square, click the options button, and then click [Settings]. Here, you can configure the style, coordinates, and visibility settings for the Gann Square.

Please note that currently, Gann Square drawing is not supported on the MEXC App.

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