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Understanding Basic Token Information on MEXC

2023.09.11 MEXC

When purchasing tokens, people usually choose tokens from projects they are familiar with or tokens recommended by friends. However, even for recommended tokens, it's important to have some basic understanding of the token after purchasing it.

On the MEXC platform, tokens listed for trading typically come with corresponding introductions, making it convenient for you to learn about these tokens. Let's use MX Token as an example to illustrate.


Login to the MEXC official website and access the trading interface. Choose [Info] located above the K-line chart. There, you can find information about MX Token, including an introduction, name, issue price, issue time, max supply, and related links. As shown in the image below, you can quickly obtain the basic information of MX Token through this summary.


On the app, below the K-line chart, select [Info], and you can access basic information about the relevant cryptocurrency, including issue time, max supply, circulating supply, issue price, introduction, and official links. This information is consistent with the web version.

Select [Trading Data], and you can also access current cryptocurrency trading data chart analysis, including "Fund Flow Analysis," "Recent 5D Big Order Net Inflow," and "24H Net Fund Inflow."

In the "Fund Flow Analysis" chart, the buyer's executed orders on the side of the market taker are considered buy orders, while the buyer's executed orders on the side of the market maker are considered sell orders. The thresholds for big, medium, and small orders are determined based on the average transaction amount over a certain period for the trading pair. You can choose different time frames to observe changes in fund flow.

These three charts, "Fund Flow Analysis," "Recent 5D Big Order Net Inflow," and "24H Net Fund Inflow," primarily display changes in fund flow within different time periods. You can make your own judgments about market trends based on these charts. Additionally, all charts support the sharing function.

MEXC provides the most fundamental token information and data indicators for the listed tokens, helping you quickly grasp the basic information of the token you want to trade.

If you want a more comprehensive understanding of the token, you can access information about the token through the project's official website or third-party specialized data websites. This can assist you in making your final purchasing decision.

Disclaimer: This information does not provide advice on investment, taxation, legal, financial, accounting, or any other related services, nor does it constitute advice to purchase, sell, or hold any assets. MEXC Learn provides information for reference purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and exercise caution when investing. The platform is not responsible for users' investment decisions.

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