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Six Methods to Better Secure Your Account

2023.02.20 MEXC


This article will cover a series of simple account protection measures as well as some good habits that you should practice.

1. Set strong passwords and change them regularly

  • You need to set different high-strength passwords for all your accounts on the internet, especially for accounts you store your assets in, such as cryptocurrency trading accounts. It is strongly recommended for your password length to be longer than eight characters, and include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

  • Setting a high-strength password is a good start but does not guarantee the safety of your account in the future. Attackers attempt to steal passwords in various ways, so it is a good habit to change your password regularly to protect your account.

  • Please note that once your account password is changed, you will not be able to withdraw funds within the next 24 hours. This prevents potential attackers from stealing the victim's funds by changing the password.

2. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

After creating an account, it is important to first activate two-factor authentication (2FA). We recommend using Google Authenticator. It is highly recommended that you keep a record of the reset key in case you need to use the 2FA code on a new phone.

3. Check the device login history of your account

You can check the login device history of your account in the recent login history. If you find any unfamiliar or unused devices, please delete them. You can also check the IP address and time of the account login. If you find any suspicious logins, please freeze your account immediately.

4. Manage withdrawal addresses

Your account has a security feature called [Withdrawal Whitelist]. It allows you to whitelist wallet addresses for the withdrawal of funds. After enabling the whitelist feature, you can only withdraw to addresses on the whitelist.

5. Protect against phishing

  • Phishing is a type of network attack in which criminals attempt to impersonate individuals or businesses to obtain personal information. It is currently the most common attack method, so you should always be vigilant.

  • We recommend that you save the MEXC official website to your browser bookmarks to avoid manually entering the address every time you log in. If you have not yet added the MEXC official website to your bookmarks, you can add the following link: https://www.mexc.com. This simple measure can stop you from clicking on many fake MEXC websites and prevent them from tricking you into entering your account information.

  • It is also recommended that you use the anti-phishing code feature, where you can set a unique code that the system will automatically embed in the emails sent by MEXC. After enabling the anti-phishing code, you can determine whether the notification email you receive is genuine.

6. Follow API security guidelines

MEXC-API is a way to help professional traders make the most of the MEXC trading engine. However, when using API keys, data needs to be shared with external applications, which also carries certain risks. Therefore, when using MEXC-API, it is recommended to consider access restrictions based on IP addresses. Only IP addresses on the whitelist have access permission. In addition, API keys should be updated regularly to avoid leakage.


  • In this article, we have introduced various easy measures to help you to secure your account and prevent hackers from stealing your hard-earned virtual currency.

  • To check the current security level of your account, please go to [Security] on our website. If you are using the MEXC App, you can also check it in the [Security] tab.

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