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How to Buy Crypto Using Third-Party Channel

Step 1:
Click “Buy Crypto” on the upper navigation bar and select the “Quick Buy/Sell” on the drop down list to access the option of Express Buy crypto. Then, proceed to click on Third-party.

Alternatively, you can click on this URL page:

Step 2:
Select the Fiat currency you want to pay for. Taking EUR as an example, there are few Third-party service providers you can choose from the list to get the best buying price.

Step 3:
Select the cryptocurrency you would like to receive in your MEXC wallet address. Available options include: USDT, USDC, BTC, few altcoins and stablecoins that are commonly used.

Step 4:
Enter the Fiat amount that you are willing to spend and select the Cryptocurrency you intend to receive. Choose your desired Third-party service providers and you are able to check the unit price in the Payment Details.

  1. The Unit price and Amount of convertible Cryptocurrency (which indicates the real-time quotation) is for reference only. Please refer to the Third-party service provider’s website for the exact exchange rate.
  2. The real-time quotation [next to the wording "Choose Payment Channel"] will be refreshed within the timeframe specified by the Third-party service provider.
  3. You can check the minimum purchase limit for each currency in the input box. Taking USD as an example, the minimum purchase amount is $30 and the maximum purchase amount is $20,000
  4. Adjustment of the purchase limit is solely controlled by Third-party service providers and we do encourage the user to communicate directly with the respective Third-party service providers. You may find their contact information in the Disclaimers section of our Third-party Channel trading website

Step 5:
Read carefully on the Disclaimer to make sure that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions. Then proceed to mark a Tick on the "Accept and Continue" button. You will be redirected to the Third-party service provider’s official webpage to continue with the purchase.

Step 6:
At the Third-party service provider's official website, fill in your relevant information and follow the purchase process to complete the transaction. After you have successfully purchased cryptocurrency, you can click on the "Orders" to view historical transaction records.