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How to Make A Withdrawal

I. How to Make A Withdrawal on the MEXC App

1. Click on [Wallets] on the bottom-right and check your portfolio under [Overview]

2. Select [Spot].

3. Click on or search for the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw.

4. Choose your withdrawal [Network].

5. Paste your withdrawal address under [Withdrawal Address]. If you have a whitelisted address, you can click on the bookmark icon.

6. Click [Confirm Withdrawal] after ensuring that all information is correct. Fill in your verification code and use the TxID if you wish to check the progress of your withdrawal.

II. How to Make A Withdrawal on the Website

1. Log in to the official MEXC website: and click [Wallets] on the top right corner. 

2. Click [Withdraw].

3. Select the crypto you want to withdraw.

4. Fill in your withdrawal [Address] and select your [Network] (please check if the network you chose corresponds to your withdrawal address). Finally, enter your withdrawal [Amount].

5. Confirm your withdrawal [Address]. Get your email verification code, fill it in, and fill in the [Google Authentication Code]. Click [Submit] after ensuring all information is correct.

6. Wait for the withdrawal to be credited. You may click on [Wallets] - [Transaction History] - [Withdrawal] to check your withdrawal history.

III. Things To Note

  1. For USDT and other cryptos that support multiple chains, please ensure that the network corresponds to your address when making a withdrawal application. 

  2. If your withdrawal requires a Memo, please go to the receiving platform and copy the correct Memo before inputing it in, otherwise the asset may be lost.

  3. If you enter an address and it says [Invalid Address], please check the address or contact Customer Service for further assistance. 

  4. The withdrawal fees are different for each crypto. You can check the fees in [Withdraw] - [Network]. 

  5. You can see the [Withdrawal fee] of the corresponding crypto on the withdrawal page.


June 20, 2023