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MEXC April Futures Competition Daily Trading Volume Ranking Reward Announcement - April 7, 2023

Dear MEXCers,
Thank you for your participation in MEXC April Futures Competition.
We are pleased to announce the Top 20 winning users for April 7, 2023, Daily Trading Volume Ranking.


UID Trading Volume (USDT)
1 93*****1 59,151,079.87 
2 87*****3 58,917,220.18 
3 59*****5 57,120,480.98 
4 61*****6 56,554,083.28 
5 36*****7 56,467,156.95 
6 03*****3 56,343,930.86 
7 23*****0 50,973,666.78 
8 52*****6 20,464,599.56 
9 17*****7 20,397,172.25 
10 30*****6 19,024,164.68 
11 98*****4 19,015,579.49 
12 71*****3 13,744,138.68 
13 86*****0 13,584,494.67 
14 53*****3 10,609,810.46 
15 83*****9 10,552,332.40 
16 36*****7 8,601,716.26 
17 61*****3 8,475,893.96 
18 12*****7 7,973,695.10 
19 03*****2 7,561,080.63 
20 62*****0 7,456,270.66 


Due to limited space, only the Top 20 eligible users in Daily Trading Volume Ranking are displayed. For eligible users ranked 21st-200th who meet the criteria, kindly check push/in-app notifications for the reward information.
Reward Allocation Rules:
  1. Users must fulfill the stated criteria and complete the required steps to redeem their rewards.
  2. Only the volume of futures trades with trading fees> 0 is counted.
  3. Stay updated with the Daily Trading Volume Ranking by joining our Telegram group: Twitter:
  4. Rewards from this event are not to be redeemed in conjunction with other ongoing Futures event rewards of the same type on the MEXC platform. All rewards from this event can be stacked.
  5. The daily trading volume ranking refers to the trading volume ranking at 14:59 (UTC) of the day.
  6. The rewards for Daily Lucky Draw, Daily checkpoint challenges, and Daily Trading Volume Ranking will be issued within 24 hours after winning.
  7. The rewards for PNL Amount Ranking will be issued within 10 days after the conclusion of the event.
  8. Winners of PNL Amount Ranking must contact @Effy_MEXC or @Derrick_MEXC via Telegram to redeem their rewards.
If you have any questions, kindly join the official Telegram group:
  1. Participants who are found to be involved in fraudulent activities such as wash trading, market manipulation, operation of multiple accounts, and self-dealing will be disqualified.
  2. Participants who are found to be involved in identical trading strategies will be disqualified.
  3. Participants who are found to have placed and canceled orders at a high frequency per minute will be disqualified.
  4. Once multiple accounts are found to be registered under the same IP address, all users using this IP address will be disqualified.
  5. Market maker accounts and agency accounts are not allowed to participate in this event.
  6. MEXC reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event rules including, but not limited to, the above-mentioned information regarding trading, funds, and risks of gang behaviors.
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April 8, 2023