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MEXC Will List DODO, TLM, ICX, RPL, QNT and GFT USDT-M Perpetual Futures

Dear MEXCers,

MEXC will be listing the following USDT-M futures trading pairs. The details are as follows:
Listing Time(UTC)
Futures Trading Pair
11:30, March 27 DODOUSDT
11:30, March 27 TLMUSDT
11:30, March 27 ICXUSDT
12:30, March 27 RPLUSDT
12:30, March 27 QNTUSDT
12:30, March 27 GFTUSDT
The above futures trading pairs will be available in both cross and isolated margin modes. Users can trade the futures via the MEXC App or website. We welcome you to experience trading the newly listed futures trading pairs.

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The MEXC Team

March 27, 2023