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MEXC Updates on VRJAM: No Need to Swap VRJAM Tokens

Dear MEXCer,

The VRJAM project team announced on 9 December 2022 that they decided to redesign the initial circulation and migrate the token to the new contract. MEXC announced its support for the token swap. However, according to the latest news from the VRJAM team, the new design for VRJAM’s token economy removes the need for community members to swap tokens. VRJAM launched a new token economy system, which includes two separate tokens: VRJAM Red and VRJAM Blue.

Please note:

  • MEXC users hold VRJAM Red tokens;
  • The withdrawal of VRJAM has been resumed.

For users who want to swap VRJAM Red for VRJAM Blue, please refer to:

Thanks for your support!

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The MEXC Team

25 February 2023