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MEXC New Futures M-Day Will Launch Trading Round with $64,000 Futures Bonus at 06:00, Feb 26 (UTC)

Dear Users,

Futures M-Day will be launching the Future Bonus Session. Trade USDT-M futures to participate in the lucky draw and stand a chance to win Futures Bonus, simple and hassle-free, you’re welcome to participate!


Presenting the project for this session: MEXC Futures Bonus


Total prize pool of 64,000 USDT futures bonus with allocation as follows:

1. Total Prize Pool for Lucky Draw Winners

  • Event prize pool:34,000 USDT Futures Bonus
    • The total number of winning tickets: 850 tickets
    • Each winning ticket includes: 40 USDT Futures Bonus
  • Extra Lucky Prize Pool: 20,000 USDT Futures Bonus

In appreciation of your support, we have added an extra lucky prize pool in addition to the existing lucky draw rewards. Extra Lucky Rewards will be randomly distributed to the winning users. The probability of getting extra Lucky Rewards after winning the lottery is as high as 90%


2. Participant Award: 10,000 USDT Futures Bonus

Users who didn't win the lucky draw can claim from the participant award pool of remaining tokens in proportion to the number of losing tickets in their possession respectively.


Reward Distribution:

The rewards will be distributed to your account within 24 hours after the event concludes.
1. The lucky draw reward and extra lucky reward (if applicable) will be distributed to your account separately.
2. If the reward consists of spot reward, it will be airdropped to your spot account. You may go to Wallets - History - Others to check it.
3. If the reward consists of futures bonus reward, it will be airdropped directly to your futures account with a 14-day validity. You may check it in your futures account. For more information on how to use the bonus, refer to this announcement.
4. Reward history is currently unavailable on the original M-Day event info page.

The M-Day Process

1. Registration method: this is a registration trading round.

After registration, if you continue to trade during the activity period and the trade conditions meet the rules for the number of lots, then the system will automatically increase the corresponding number of lots. You don't need to register again.

2. Trading Round time: 06:00, Feb 26, 2023 - 06:00, Feb 27, 2023 (UTC)

During the trading round period, users who trade the all USDT-M futures pairs on MEXC prior to the end of the ticket-claim time with minimum futures trading volumes of 20,000 USDT will be eligible for the lucky draw. The larger the trading volume, the more tickets the user can claim.

3. Ticket-claim time: 06:00, Feb 26, 2023 - 06:00, Feb 27, 2023 (UTC)

Please note that the ticket number ranges from 000001 to 999999. Users can draw a number of tickets based on the draw order. Each user can get multiple tickets. The system will allocate tokens based on the time of drawing, and each account will be allocated tickets based on futures trading volumes.

4. Draw results released time: 08:00, Feb 27, 2023 (UTC)

Participants can visit the M-Day page ( to check if they hold any winning tickets.


The details are shown in the form below:

Trading Round(Futures)
Trading Volume  (USDT) Tickets
20,000≤X<50,000 1
50,000≤X<80,000 3
80,000≤X<150,000 5
150,000≤X<250,000 10
250,000≤X<350,000 15
350,000≤X<500,000 20
500,000≤X<700,000 30
700,000≤X<900,000 45
900,000≤X<1,100,000 60
1,100,000≤X<1,300,000 75
1,300,000≤X<1,500,000 90
1,500,000≤X<1,700,000 105
1,700,000≤X<3,000,000 120
3,000,000≤X<5,000,000 220



  1. Trading volume = Open Trade + Close Trade (including all USDT-M futures pairs) during the trading Round period. Only the trading volume with transaction fees will be calculated within the event period.
  2. This M-Day event is exclusively for Futures trading. Only USDT-M futures trading volume will be counted for this event. The trading volume of other products such as spot and ETF will not be counted.
  3. MEXC reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation (If you display any cheating behavior, your rewards will be canceled even if you draw the winning tickets).
  4. MEXC has the final interpretation right of the event.


Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. MEXC will make its best efforts to choose high-quality tokens, but will not be responsible for your investment losses. As a digital asset trading platform that respects the community, MEXC adheres to the principle of truthful, transparent, and fair trading, with no malicious intent. We are committed to providing users with a service that is safer, more efficient, and more reliable for the trading of digital assets.


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Enjoy trading on MEXC.

The MEXC Team

25 February 2023