Reward Pool
Reward Pool
Winners’ Reward Pool
Participant Award Pool
Voting Timeline
Voting Period :
Result Announcement
Rewards Airdrop
Within 48 hours after the event ends
Event Rules

1. Hold MX to vote, 1 MX = 1 Vote. Staking or burning of MX is not required for this event;

2. Prior to voting, please note that the event only supports one option to be chosen for voting, which cannot be revoked;

3. The winners will share the winners’ prize pool proportionally, and non-winners will share the participant award pool proportionally. Calculation for winners sharing the Winners' prize pool: Number of Individual Votes / Total Number of Winners' Votes * Winners’ Prize Pool. Calculation for non-winners sharing the Participant Award Pool: Number of Individual Votes / Total Number of Vote from Those Who Failed to Win * Participant Award Pool;

4. Rewards will be distributed by airdrop within 48 hours after the event ends. You can view the airdrop rewards in [Spot Account] - [History];

5. Sub-accounts cannot participate in voting;

6. If cheating is found, MEXC reserves the right to disqualify the participants from rewards. Example: Multiple accounts transfer MX to each other and vote repeatedly.