Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all information collected by the MEXC Authenticator mobile application ("MEXC Authenticator"). MEXC Authenticator is a two-factor authentication token which generates random, time-based one-time verification codes as an additional layer of security for users to access their MEXC trading account.

Information We Collect

The MEXC Authenticator application processes two-factor credentials entered by the user and stores them locally and securely. User preferences related to the display of data within the app are also stored locally on your device. The application never connects to the internet, and never sends, shares, or discloses any Personal Information to the developers, or to any other app, server, or third party of any kind.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We do not use your Personal Information or any information about your usage of the app in any way.


As the application is designed to transmit no information, no information is knowingly collected from or about any children.


No analytics information is collected by the MEXC Authenticator. No third-party analytics functionality is included in the MEXC Authenticator.

Depending on your iOS system settings, Apple may collect analytics information about your usage of the application and information related to any application crashes, and may share an anonymized subset of that information with the developer to help improve the application. You can learn more about iOS App Analytics in the iOS Settings app, under the headings "Privacy" > "Analytics", and you can view Apple’s privacy policy at
Your Consent

By using the MEXC Authenticator application, you consent to this privacy policy.

Зміни до цієї Політики конфіденційності

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Цю політику конфіденційності складено англійською мовою. Хоча переклади цієї політики конфіденційності іншими мовами можуть бути доступними, такі переклади можуть бути неактуальними або неповними. Відповідно, ви погоджуєтеся, що в разі будь-якого конфлікту між англомовною версією цієї політики конфіденційності та будь-якими іншими її перекладами англійська версія цієї політики конфіденційності матиме перевагу.