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PEOPLE3L Quick Project Information

PEOPLE 3 times long (PEOPLE3L) is a tradable product that tracks three times the daily profit of PEOPLE. Users shall pay attention to the gap between the actual net value of the product and the latest price when placing an order. We usually rebalance the investment portfolios behind the leveraged ETF in every 24 h. When there is a sharp fluctuation and the underlying asset ’s fluctuation exceeds a given threshold compared to the previous rebalance point (initially we set the threshold for 3x leverage short and long as 15%. In the future, if other leverages available, the threshold may be adjusted.), we will perform temporary rebalancing to control the risk of the investment portfolio. The Leveraged ETF assets with net value of each share lower than 0.0001 USDT will be combined. After combination, user’s total asset will not be affected at all. If you put the order in the opposite direction, there is a risk that the price will approach zero in extreme conditions. This product subjects to the derivative with high risk. Please watch out the risk in investment.
You can find more information about PEOPLE3L history, system features and how to use it in MEXC Blog.


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English name of the tokenPEOPLE3L
Withdrawal StatusWithdrawal is not available
Chinese name of the tokenPEOPLE三倍做多
Deposit StatusCannot be deposited
Issue Time2021-11-27
Trading statusTradable
Issue Price1 USDT
Max Supply--

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