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No Liquidation Risk, Enjoy Compound Interest

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Introduction to Leveraged ETFs

MEXC Leveraged ETFs are a type of derivative product that gives you leveraged exposure to the underlying asset. Like other tokens, leveraged ETF can be traded on the spot market. Each share of leveraged ETF represents a basket of derivative positions. The price of a leveraged ETF moves along with the price changes. Even it is leveraged, it won’t cause any liquidation to your account when the market is volatile. Learn more >


Leveraged ETF Features

One-click to Open Leveraged Position

Leveraged ETFs are denominated in USDT, and the trading process is similar to spot trading.

No Margin & Liquidation

No margin or loan is needed. Leveraged ETFs leverage ratio is generally maintained at the preset ratio with the rebalancing mechanism without any liquidation risks.

Auto-compound Profit

In a one-way market, the profit of leveraged ETF will be automatically reinvested on a daily basis.


Leveraged ETF will automatically reduce part of the holding position to avoid the risk of liquidation when it comes to certain losses.

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What are MEXC Leveraged ETFs?

MEXC Leveraged ETFs are tradable assets in the MEXC spot market that leverage profits by going long/short on the underlying asset. For example, when the price of BTC rises by 1%, the price of BTC3L will rise by 3% and the price of BTC3S will drop by 3%. Unlike margin trading or futures trading, no collateral or margin maintenance is required to hold leveraged tokens, and there is no liquidation risk.