Flexible Staking

Est. APY1.00%

Shiba Inu Staking with High APY | Stake SHIB on MEXC

Flexible Staking start date


Yield effective start date


Yield is settled daily

Shiba Inu Staking Terms

  1. SHIB minimum stake amount: 100,000 tokens
  2. Flexible Staking yield will be paid out in SHIB at a daily rate of staked SHIB * (Est. APY/365 days)
  3. The expected APY will be adjusted based on actual yield of the staking pool
  4. Expected yield will start to accumulate 1 day(s) after your stake is initiated.
  5. Snapshots of the staked asset are randomly taken throughout the day and the day’s yield is settled according to the lowest snapshot value
  6. Staked assets are not locked or frozen and the assets can be traded, transferred or withdrawn at any time
  7. Flexible Staking can be canceled at any point of time. If the asset balance amount falls below the minimum stake amount, the Flexible Staking will be automatically canceled and the yield will be prorated up to the day before the cancellation.