MX Defi - Simple Earn

Est. APY0.38%

Lockup Starts


Redemption date


Principal released after 0 days after redemption

Stake Amount
Available Balance--BTC
Minimum stake amount 0.0001BTC
1 days Expected Daily Returns 0 BTC


  1. Minimum stake amount: 0.0001 BTC, minimum stake period: 1 days
  2. Yield generation start date:2023-03-24
  3. T stands for stake date. Yield will start on T+1 (the next day) and will be distributed to your account on T+2. No yield will be generated on the day you unstake your staked assets. Yield will be distributed daily to your spot account
  4. Staked assets will be frozen until redemption
  5. After the minimum staking period has passed, you can choose to redeem or continue staking with the final yield based on actual days staked
  6. After redemption, your principal will be unlocked after 10 minute(s)