Get a $25 SHIB airdrop and participate in our SHIB Buy Back & Burn (BBB) Initiative!
Limited Time Event III exclusively for
Crypto King

During the event period, only users who have either previously registered, or register now with MEXC through this unique page, and trade will be eligible to participate.
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Initiative Rewards:
Bonus 1: Trading fee discount. Users who register with MEXC through the referral link on this page can enjoy a 10% discount when trading on MEXC;

Bonus 2: First trading reward. Participating users whose net deposit amount during the campaign period is > $500, and Spot trading volume > 2,000 USDT or Futures trading volume > 10,000 USDT will get a $25 SHIB airdrop ;

Note: ONLY new sign ups within this initiative duration will be eligible for bonus 2
Initiative Details:
1. MEXC will utilize the actual trading fees received from the SHIB/USDT spot trading pair to proceed with secondary market buybacks on a daily basis. This plan will last for 2 weeks, starting from 2022-08-06 00:00 to 2022-08-21 23:59 (UTC +8), as indicated in the countdown above.

2. 30% of trading fees on the SHIB/USDT spot trading pair generated by users who have registered with MEXC under Crypto King’s referral code will be used for the BBB Initiative.

3. MEXC will handle the necessary arrangements to send SHIB tokens obtained from the secondary buyback of SHIB to the SHIBBURN official burn address specified when the campaign ends.

4. MEXC will provide transaction ID proof showing the transfers made to the official burn address 7 days after this Initiative has ended.

Risk Reminders
Users are strongly advised to do their own research before participating. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial advice or recommendation to participate in the associated network. The price of the project token may fluctuate greatly due to market conditions and other factors. Withdrawal for the project token may be suspended (fully/partially) due to the token mechanism.
Terms and conditions:
1. Net deposit within the event period is calculated as follows:
Net deposit = Deposit amount - Withdrawal amount
2. The airdrop reward will be distributed to your account within 7 days after the campaign concludes.
3. MEXC reserves the right to revoke the eligibility of any participants involved in wash trading or any suspicious activity that may be condemned as an act of cheating. MEXC reserves the right to forfeit the prize or freeze the account of said users.
4. SHIB Burn Address provided by SHIBBURN:
5. The actual trading fee collected is restricted to SHIB/USDT spot trading only, excluding Futures, ETF and Margin Trading. (MX Deduction and trading fee rebate will be excluded from the actual trading fee collected)
6. Please take note that MEXC did not generate the burn address and is not responsible for any fund movements made by the address after the end of the SHIB secondary buyback arrangement.
7. MEXC reserves the right to modify the terms of this activity without prior notice.
8. MEXC reserves the right for final interpretation of this activity. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service.