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Wootrade Informasi Proyek Cepat

Wootrade is incubated by the top quantitative fund Kronos Research, which aims to solve the pain points of the diversified liquidity of the cryptocurrency market, and provides sufficient trading depth for users such as exchanges, wallets, and trading institutions with zero fees. At present, Wootrade products have been in operation for nearly one year and have been upgraded to version 2.0. There are more than 10 exchanges and trading institutions connected, including Gate.io, hoo.com, MXC, Oneboat Capital, Genesis Block, etc. A total of over 65,000 end users have used its trading depth through the exchanges cooperating with Wootrade.
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WOO Token on MEXC

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Nama token dalam bahasa InggrisWOO
Status penarikanTersedia
Nama token dalam bahasa ChinaWOO
Status depositDapat diisi ulang
Waktu rilis2020-10-29
Status perdaganganDapat diperdagangkan
Harga rilis0.02 USDT
Jumlah Token3,000,000,000