Voting overview
  • NFT Index funds is coming to MEXC very soon! MEXC will select premium NFT projects and launch them in the Innovation Zone after splitting them. As a MEXC user, you can now vote to decide the next NFT project to be listed on MEXC!
  • 【Voting process】
  • 1. Please use MX to vote for your favorite NFT project
  • 2. MEXC will buy the NFT based on the voting result and launch the corresponding NFT Index funds
  • 3. Users can receive the corresponding shares by trading NFT Index funds
  • [Instructions]
  • 1. If MEXC splits a particular series of 10 NFTs into a 100,000-part index fund, you may contact MEXC within the stipulated period to redeem a complete NFT after buying 10,000 units. The order for redemption is from lowest to highest in terms of NFT's rarity.
  • 2. Once an NFT is redeemed, MEXC will replenish a new NFT immediately. The new NFT will be split according to the original ratio.
  • 3. MEXC will hold no more than 10% of the NFT in circulation for the series.
  • 4. MEXC will only split its holding shares of NFT. We will not involve on-chain assets.
  • 5. If the NFT you're holding issues token airdrop, we will airdrop the tokens to you according to your holding shares of index funds.
  • 6. MEXC NFT position address:

[Voting Instructions]

  • 1. Voting time: 2022-08-09 13:56 - 2022-08-09 13:56
  • 2. How to vote: Use MX to vote. 1MX is counted as 1 vote. The minimum number of votes a single user can vote is 1 vote. Only an integer number of MXs is supported. Also, this vote supports single option only. Users can only choose one option among others.
  • 3. MX status: All MXs are unlocked during the voting period. After voting, users may participate in Kickstarter, MX-defi, and other events using MX as usual.
  • * Note: MEXC reserves the right for the final interpretation of the vote