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What is Margin Trading?

Margin Trade refers to a trade mode in which users loan a certain amount of crypto assets by pledging assets to make a long (buy)/short (sell) operation, using leverage to gain large returns from small amounts.

Trading Steps

01 Transfer

Go to the Margin Account page and select [Transfer] to transfer assets.

Go to Transfer

02 Loan

To start loaning, select [Loan] on your Margin Account and confirm the asset.

MEXC Margin supports automatic loaning.

Go to Loan

03 Trade

Visit the Margin Trading page to start Margin Trading.

Go to Trade

04 Repayment

To repay, go to the Margin Account page and select [Repayment].

MEXC Margin supports automatic repayment.

Go to Repay
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Why Choose Margin Trading?

700+ Trading Pairs

MEXC Margin supports a wide range of tokens such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, etc, providing more trading opportunities.

Automatic Loaning and Repayment

Simple and Convenient: You don't have to borrow and repay manually.

Low Capital Can Yield High Returns

MEXC Margin supports 1~10x leverage.

Interest Rates are Calculated on an Hourly Basis

Hourly calculation is more reasonable than daily calculation.


Are you ready? Start your Margin Trading journey with MEXC!