Trade Mining
Start trading to earn a slice of the prize pool!
همهدور فهرست جدیددور کریپتوهای داغدور امتیازات ETF
What is Trade Mining?

Trade Mining is an exclusive benefit prepared by MEXC for our traders. Users can trade selected tokens and share the corresponding prize pool. The more you trade, the more rewards you can receive.

Reward Sharing Rules: Total prize pool amount * Individual trading volume/Total trading volume of participants


a. Only main accounts are eligible for this event, sub accounts are not allowed to participate.

b. Market makers, API traders, and institutional users are not eligible for the event.

c. Users may participate in multiple events, where the rewards will be calculated based on the proportion of the user's trading volume at each event.

d. MEXC reserves the right of final interpretation of the event. If anyone is found to have engaged in frauds, MEXC reserves the right to disqualify the participant and forfeit the rewards.

e. داده‌هایی مربوط به مبلغ تراکنش روزانه کاربر، سهم تخمینی پاداش و سهم کل پاداش هر ۱ دقیقه یک‌بار به‌روزرسانی می‌شوند.

f. Estimated share of reward quantity is based on daily estimation only. Minimum transaction fee is required for the event. Hence, please refer to the actual distributed reward quantity.