Exclusive benefits for new users
MEXC beginner tasks
After completing the assigned steps, you can receive the futures bonus for free
Complete the security verificationEnter the Personal CenterPhone Numberor Google Authenticator
New user only
Complete KYC verificationEnter the Personal Center Complete KYC verification
New user only
New user only

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

How to get rewards from the beginner missions?
Answer: After completing the above missions, you can click the 'Beginner Benefits' page, then click "Get it now", and contact the customer service agent for verification before you can receive the reward.
Why am I not qualified for some missions?
Answer: The above missions are limited to MEXC Exchange users who registered after the 'Beginner Benefits' went live. The completion of the missions by buying tokens and depositing meets any condition.
What is "futures bonus"?
Answer: Before receiving the futures bonus, you must open the futures account first, and then you can carry out the futures trade.
Why was my bonus reward forfeited?
Answer: After completing the above missions, you can receive the futures bonus. The futures bonus will be forfeited on the 30th day from the date of issue. The balance of the trial fund will be forfeited.

Instructions for the bonus reward.

1. The bonus reward will be paid to your futures account, which can be accessed on the official website, view it in 【Futures Transaction】- 【Futures Order】- 【Capital Flow】.
2. The bonus reward can only be used for futures trade, and the profits can be withdrawn; the bonus reward itself cannot be withdrawn.
3. The bonus reward can be used as deposit for trading, and can also be used to offset trading fees, losses and capital costs.
4. The bonus reward will be set to zero with any transfer of assets out of the futures account.
5. The bonus reward for beginners must be used within 30 days from the date of issue. MEXC Exchange will forfeit the bonus reward after 30 days if it has not been used. Please pay attention to the risk of liquidation during this period.
MEXC Exchange reserves the right of final interpretation of the event and the right to amend the terms of the event.
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